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Episode 30: The Last Run

Written by: N J Crisp
Directed by: Michael E Briant

First Broadcast: 22nd September 1979
As the war drags on, its business as usual for the brave members of Lifeline. At Gestapo
headquarters the arrival of Brandt's successor - Major Reinhardt unsettles Kessler. When
Natalie attempts to escort two airmen down to Spain, it soon becomes clear that Lifeline's
evasion work may at last be over...

Principal Guest Cast: Inspector Benet (Richard Beale), Tucker (Christopher Good), Bond
(Peter Dahlsen), Sharp (Stewart Bevan), Vercors (Ralph Bates).

Valentine Dyall, Ron Pember and Juliet Hammond-Hill Bernard Hepton Angela Richards

Above: Kessler (Clifford Rose) and Madeleine (Hazel McBride); Natalie (Juliet Hammond-Hill); 
Reinhardt (Terrence Hardiman).

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