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Episode 31: Invasions

Written by: Lloyd Humphreys
Directed by: Viktors Ritelis

First Broadcast: 29th September 1979
Reinhardt uncovers a Lifeline safe-house in the country. After two of his three prisoners
commit suicide, he is determined that the third - a man called Jean-Paul - will reveal
information under torture. Albert and Monique fear that the Germans are closing in on
the line, especially when a tip-off from Gestapo headquarters reveals that the Senlis-
based Chantal sisters are in imminent danger...

Principal Guest Cast: Simone Borel (Helen Blatch), Jacques Borel (Ray Roberts),
Hauptmann Muller (Hilary Minster), Louis Bastiat (Arthur White), Jean-Paul (Stephen
Novak), Sophie Chantal (Mary Barclay), Madeleine Chantal (Ruth Gower).

Angela Richards Angela Richards Angela Richards 

Above: Simone and Jacques Borel; Reinhardt (Terrence Hardiman); Monique (Angela
Richards), Sophie and Madeleine.

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