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Episode 29: Day of Wrath

Written by: John Brason
Directed by: No director credited

First Broadcast: 28th December 1978 (originally scheduled for broadcast on 20th December)
Andre De Beers escapes from Gestapo headquarters and embarks on a series of revenge
attacks for the death of his brother. When Albert learns who is behind the murders he orders
Alain to curb his former friend's activities for good. However, he, Monique and Natalie have
other ideas. Meanwhile, a sudden German radio silence puzzles Kessler and Brandt...

Principal Guest Cast: De Beers (John Alkin), Jelinek (David Neilson), Wullner (Neil
Dalglish), Weikmann (John Rolfe), Jacques (Ian Ruskin).

Angela Richards Valentine Dyall, Ron Pember and Juliet Hammond-Hill Bernard Hepton  

Above: Monique (Angela Richards); Dr. Keldermans (Valentine Dyall), Alain (Ron Pember), 
Natalie (Juliet Hammond-Hill); Albert (Bernard Hepton).

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