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Episode 28: Prisoner of War

Written by: Gerard Glaister
Directed by: Michael E. Briant

First Broadcast: 13th December 1978
A German Flying ace is gunned down near Brussels and taken in by the daughter of
Bertrand Lecau - one of Alain's neighbours. However Lecau also comes across two Allied
airmen as well, who he decides to take to Alain.  When Lifeline contacts London to tell
them that the German pilot has been honoured with the Knight's Cross and that the plane
he was flying is on the German secret list, they order that he be sent down the line.
Meanwhile, on Natalie's insistence Albert has Inspector Delon investigate Max.

Principal Guest Cast: Lecau (John Abineri), Jones (Sebastian Abineri), Rogers (Edward
Hammond), Jacques Lamboit (John Baker).

John Abineri and Michael Culver Stephen Yardley Juliet Hammond-Hill  

Above: Lecau and Brandt (Michael Culver); Max (Stephen Yardley); Natalie (Juliet

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