Character Review - Wendy

With the benefit of hindsight it is clear that the character of Wendy is only introduced in the episode
Starvation in order for her to be horribly murdered in Law and Order, so that the issue of that episode title could be explored in gripping style. Wendy was in fact brought into the fray as the murder victim as the production team had chagged their minds about killing off Jenny Richards in Law and Order as originally planned.

Tom's lust for Wendy is clear on their first meeting, signposting her ultimate fate, and she quite rightly senses that she'd be better off out of his way. After this initial encounter with Tom she is given very little to do and seemingly spends her few weeks with the new community, either hanging out washing or preparing food with Emma. We know she is kind-hearted from her friendship with Emma and tolerance of simple Barney, but that is about all.

When Wendy is murdered, it is a shock to the rest of the community. However it does appear that they are more distressed by the predicament of dealing with her assumed killer than with the loss of her as a person. Perhaps this is because, like the viewer, they never really got to know her.

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