"Abby, I think we're home" - Greg

Two survivors, a young woman called Wendy and an elderly lady called Emma, have run
out of food. Wendy elects to go off and try to scavenge for some.

She encounters a man who is cooking fish. It is none other than Tom Price. Meanwhile Abby
has decided to stop looking  for Peter. She, Jenny, Greg and the children are touring around
looking for somewhere to start a community.

As they pass a cottage, they spot Emma outside being attacked by a pack of dogs. Abby
bravely goes to her aid whilst the minibus lures the dogs away.

Meanwhile, Greg, Jenny and the children are trapped in the minibus surrounded by the dog
pack. They drive away and find a large grange with extensive grounds but the dogs prevent
them from leaving the minibus at first.

Tom offers Wendy a meal. She realises he'll want payment in kind and runs off with his fish.

Wendy arrives back with the fish and is introduced to Abby. Tom arrives soon after.

Abby recognises him from their previous encounter. Tom offers food in return for favours from
Abby. Abby plays along and while Tom is looking in the back of his van, Wendy returns, and
they both lock him in the van.

Whilst still trapped in the minibus the children become tired of waiting and begin to annoy
Jenny and Greg. Eventually the dogs leave and they can enter the house. They spend the
night there.

The next day whilst playing hide and seek with John, Lizzie is frightened when she
encounters a simple man called Barney, sheltering in the house. He has been bitten by the

Greg comforts a tired Jenny. Abby, Wendy and Emma go in search of the others in Tom's van,
with him still trapped in the back.

They find the grange and join Greg and Jenny. Tom is let out of the van. They discover a
large cache of guns in the van and then begin to explore the grounds.

The group decide that this is the perfect place to start a community.  There are large grounds
and fields, a flock of sheep, a clean river for fish, and it can be easily defended.


Episode Review

Starvation marks an important turning point in the first series. Abby thankfully sets aside her quest for Peter and the first community is finally established. The mood of the episode is optimistic with little hint of the tragedies that are to follow, apart from Tom's obvious interest in attractive Wendy. Julie Neubert, Hana-Maria Pravda and John Hallett make reasonable enough debuts here.

One of the best realised scenes in the episode is John and Lizzie's successful attempt to wind up Jenny by repeatedly calling out 'mummy' whilst they are trapped in the minibus. They are playing up in part, but it is also clear from this scene that they now depend on Greg and Jenny as their parents. The couple also appear to see John and Lizzie as their own.

The establishment of the new community marks a departure from creator Terry Nation's vision of the show. The first signs that Survivors will become something of a post-holocaust soap opera are here.

Rating: 8/10


Episode 7 - Starvation

writer: Jack Ronder
first broadcast:
4th June 1975

Regular Cast:

Abby Grant: Carolyn Seymour
Greg Preston:
Ian McCulloch
Jenny Richards:
Lucy Fleming
Tom Price: Talfryn Thomas
Lizzie Willoughby: Tanya Ronder
John Millon:
Stephen Dudley

and introducing...

Emma Cohen: Hana Maria Pravda
Julie Neubert
John Hallet

designer: Robert Berk
Pennant Roberts
Terence Dudley
episode recorded:
21st - 25th April 1975

For full details on the Hampton Court location used for the rest of the first series click here


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