"Is that what life's worth nowadays. Fifty gallons of petrol? God help us all" - Greg

Greg is teaching John and Lizzie how to fish, when a stranger called Robert Lawson arrives
at the Grange.

He stays overnight, during which there is a heavy storm. He leaves the next morning but not
before he spots the petrol tanker in the courtyard. Abby discovers to her horror that the cellar
has been flooded out, destroying their stores.

The storm has also ruined many of the crops. The community decides to trade with another
settlement called Little Barton.

The only commodity they have left to trade is the petrol in the tanker. Jenny and Greg set off
to Little Barton in the Land Rover and petrol tanker.

Lawson and his men decide they will relieve the community of their  petrol by stealing the
tanker. Finding it gone they threaten John, and later Lizzie, unless Abby reveals where it has
been taken. She tells them and they set off after Jenny and Greg. Meanwhile, Greg has
problems with the tanker's brakes on a steep hill, narrowly avoiding a nasty accident.

He and Jenny set off in the tanker and hide it in a nearby barn. Greg sends Jenny back the
way they came for some parts to repair the brakes. However she runs into Lawson and his
cronies, Buckmaster and Thorpe, soon afterwards and they take her hostage.

They go to the farm and try to force Greg to surrender. Greg rescues Jenny and together they
attempt to defend the barn.

Greg asks Jenny to attempt to make an escape attempt on her own. Despite her initial fears
she agrees to Greg's plan.

Jenny eventually manages to reach the jeep and escapes just in time.

Greg is overpowered soon afterwards and the men seize the petrol tanker.

The tanker is driven away from the farm. Greg runs after it realising the men don't know
about the faulty brakes.

The tanker crashes badly at the bottom of the steep hill and Lawson and Thorpe die instantly.
Buckmaster is badly injured.

He accuses Greg, who has now reached the scene of the accident, of deliberately sabotaging
the brakes. He then turns the valve to empty the tanker of petrol. Greg shoots him to prevent
the loss of petrol and quickly closes the valve.

Jenny, Abby and the others arrive. Greg bemoans the fact that three men have had to die for
the sake of some petrol.

Episode Review

Something of Value is a strong episode for Greg and Jenny. It is especially worthy of note that it re-establishes the latter as one of the series' heroes. Again Terry Nation depicts the negative effect of the death on the motivation of man. Petrol is depicted as the be all and end all here, as Lawson, Buckmaster and Thorpe go to great lengths to seize the tanker, reminding the viewer once more that the world of the survivors is very different to our own.

Memorable scenes include Abby's discovery of the flooded cellar, Greg and Jenny standing back to back with their guns in the farm building ready to defend themselves and of course the tanker crash.

This is an all action episode which demands little of the viewer. It is nevertheless an enjoyable romp in which Lucy Fleming and Ian McCulloch shine.

Rating: 8/10

Episode 12 :  Something of Value

writer: Terry Nation
first broadcast:
9th July 1975

Regular Cast:

Greg Preston: Ian McCulloch
Jenny Richards: Lucy Fleming
Abby Grant: Carolyn Seymour
Arthur Russell:
Michael Gover
Paul Pitman:
Christopher Tranchell
Emma Cohen: Hana Maria Pravda
Charmian Wentworth:
Eileen Helsby
Lizzie Willoughby:
Tanya Ronder
John Millon: Stephen Dudley
Vic Thatcher: Hugh Walters

Guest Cast:

Robert Lawson: Matthew Long
Jim Buckmaster: Murray Hayne
Thorpe: Paul Chapman

designer: Richard Morris
Terence Williams
producer: Terence Dudley
episode recorded: 5th - 9th June 1975


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