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 Murray Hayne (
Jim Buckmaster)

Murray Hayne's acting credits include two episodes of The Avengers, including the penultimate episode - My Wildest Dream in 1969, in which he played Gibbons. Murray was a member of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in 1961, his contemporaries there were Derek Jacobi (I Claudius), Rosemary Leach, Bernard Hepton (Albert Foiret in Secret Army) and Wolfe Morris ( Padamsambhava in Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen).

 Above: Murray Hayne is threatened by a young Peter Vaughan in 'My Wildest Dream'.

Brett (ep: And All The King's Men) [1st Prison Officer] 1971 tv
Curse of the Mummy 1970 tv
The Avengers (ep: My Wildest Dream) [Gibbons] 1969 tv
Danger Man (ep: The Man Who Wouldn't Talk) [Policeman] 1966 tv
The Vulture 1966 film
Edgar Wallace Mysteries (ep: Rivals) [Alex Nichols] 1963 tv
Edgar Wallace Mysteries (ep: Death Trap) [Ramsey] 1963 tv
The Avengers (ep: Tunnel of Death) [Harry Black] 1961 tv


Matthew Long (
Robert Lawson)

Matthew Long was a regular in Coronation Street, played Arthur in The Sandbaggers and made appearances in both The Avengers and The New Avengers.

Water Rats (ep: Shark Bait) [Darren Davies] 1999 tv
Reprisal [Irish Pat] 1997 tv
Water Rats (ep: Message from the Dead] (Mick Crowley) 1996 tv
Babe [Sheepdog Trial Officer] 1995 tv
Dirty Weekend [Gun Shop Assistant] 1993 tv
Keeping Up Appearances (ep: Richard's New Hobby) [Policeman] 1992 tv
Between the Lines (ep: Private Enterprise) [Chief Superintendent Pollock] 1992 tv
This is David Harper (ep: An Explosive Situation) [Eric Gorman] 1990 tv
Shirley Valentine [Male Teacher] 1989 film
Distant Voices, Still Lives [Mr Spaull] 1988 film

Boon (ep: A Fistful of Pesetas) [Adam Horning] 1987 tv
Dream Lover [Vaughn Capisi] 1986 film
Dempsey and Makepeace (ep: Blind Eye) [Prison Officer Edwards] 1987 tv
Squaring the Circle [Szozopanski] 1984 tv
Macbeth [Mentieth] 1983 tv
Giro City [Vision Mixer] 1982 film
Hammer House of Horror (ep: Carpathian Eagle) [Andy] 1980 tv
The Professionals (ep: Slush Fund) [Hope] 1980 tv
The Sandbaggers [Arthur] 1980 tv
Yesterday's Hero [Mack Gill] 1979 film
Dirty Money [Michel] 1979 film
The Medusa Touch [Co-Pilot] 1978 film
The New Avengers (ep: Cat Amongst the Pigeons) [Turner] 1976 tv
Coronation Street [Roger Nightingale] 1976 tv
The Avengers (ep: Take Me To Your Leader) 1969 tv

Paul Chapman (

Paul Chapman is probably best known for his regular appearances as Stephen in the BBC Judi Dench/Geoffrey Palmer comedy As Times Goes By and for the part of Peg-Leg Pogson in Channel 4's Fairly Secret Army (also alongside Geoffrey Palmer) over two series in 1984 and 1986.

As Time Goes By [Stephen] 1993-2002 tv
Tommy Tough [George] 2001 film
Heartbeat (ep: The Son-In-Law) [Lionel Lambert] 2000 tv
The Bill (ep: Crime and Punishment) [Cyril Formby] 2000 tv
Midsomer Murders (ep: Faithful unto Death) [Reg Buckley] 1999 tv
Silent Witness (ep: Gone Tomorrow) [Tony Newsome] 1999 tv
The Ambassador (ep: Road to Nowhere) [Geoffrey Fry] 1999 tv
Cuts [Mark Hasper] 1996 tv
Sometime Never [Harry] 1995 tv
The Rise and Fall of an Olympic Village [Narrator] 1994 tv
Waiting for God (ep: The Helicopter) [Fergie Ferguson] 1990 tv
A Bit of a Do [Laurence Rodenhurst] 1989 tv
Fairly Secret Army [Peg-Leg Pogson] 1984, 1986 tv
Juliet Bravo (ep: Hostage to Fortune) [David Ryan] 1985 tv
The Hello Goodbye Man [Ken Harrington] 1984 tv
Shelley (ep: Owed to the Electrician) [Mr Cotton] 1984 tv
Sherlock Holmes (ep: The Crooked Man) [Major Murphy] 1984 tv
Richard the III [Earl Rivers] 1983 tv
Henry IV Part One [Suffolk] 1983 tv
Shoestring (ep: Stamp Duty) [Peter Cording] 1979 tv
The Straneg Case of the End of Civilisation as We Know It [McCloud] 1977 film
1990 [Randall] 1977 tv
Colditz [Captain George Brent] 1972 tv
Persuasion [Captain Benwick] 1971 tv
Out of the Unknown (ep: Liar!) [Milton Ashe] 1969 tv
The Ipcress File [Prison Guard] 1965 tv

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