Character Review - Emma Cohen

Emma was introduced in Starvation along with her companion Wendy. Wendy had been looking after her since the death, by scavenging for food, but by the time Abby arrived they had not eaten for some time. The fact that she was still alive after her childen had been claimed by the catastrophe depressed her bitterly. However, taking on an unspoken role as 'mother' of the new community at the Grange would soon prove to assuage these feelings. To John and Lizzie she became 'Aunt Emma' and she looked after them and indeed the rest of the community as family.

However, her role at the Grange was by no means purely an emotional one. Emma took on the majority of the cooking for all the community members. Her poor upbringing in Eastern Europe stood her in good stead, given the limited provisions available. Emma had no choice but to become more ingenious in the kitchen as time went on.

As tragedies and incident beset the community, Emma stood her ground in support of those people she trusted and cared about. In Law and Order, she was vocal on the question of Barney's innocence, believing him to be wrongly accused. In The Future Hour she comforted pregnant Laura and later her child. And in Revenge she showed concern for Vic particularly after his failed suicide attempt.

Like Charmian, Emma spent much of the latter episodes of the series in the background and was written out at the start of the second series, as another victim of the Grange fire. Her maternal housewife style role was in part passed on to Pet, who would thankfully end up receiving more character development than Emma.

John and Lizzie were clearly upset at 'Aunt Emma's' death in Birth of A Hope and it was a truly poignant moment when Greg explained to them what had happened to her and the other victims of the fire.

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