Character Review - Daniella

Daniella, a single-minded Italian woman, joined the Whitecross community at the height of the sniper scare in
A Friend In Need. She was extremely relieved to run in to Charles and Greg having been on her own for some time. It took her little time to become part of everyday life at the settlement, taking on various domestic chores and supervising new arrivals such as Judy and Philip.

Daniella was delighted in
By Bread Alone, when Lewis Fearns revealed himself to be a Church of England vicar, believing that she as a devout Catholic could therefore confess her sins to him and be forgiven. She refused to listen to his objections and further flouted his wishes by spending time away from her community tasks to make him proper vestments. Not even Charles is able to divert her from her endeavours. When Lewis finally agrees to hold a Sunday service, in order not to let people like Daniella down, she is in attendance.

Daniella's final episode is
Over The Hills. Here she is seen to help with the haymaking and is asked by Charles to organise the party for Sally. She misunderstands the circumsances and is said by Jenny to treat the affair like a 'wedding breakfast' with Sally and Alan as the bride and groom. Nevertheless the party is a success whilst it lasts.

After this point Daniella is not seen again. Presumably she stayed on at Whitecross when Charles, Pet, Hubert and the children relocated to Challoner.

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