Both Survivors and Survivors series 2 are 'region 2' DVD releases. This means that they will play on all European  DVD players. If you are living in the States or Canada (region 1)  it is unlikely that your DVD player will automatically play region 2 - PAL (European picture format) discs.

However some NTSC (North American picture format) DVD players can convert PAL to NTSC. Check out Zone Free DVD for details of these players. A 'zone- free' player can be purchased for between $300 and $400 (and may be a good investment for future cult television UK releases).


External converter boxes are also available, such as the Emerson EVC1595.

The good news is that as far as I'm aware the Survivors DVDs will play on any PC worldwide. However  if you switch regions on your DVD drive more than 5 times then it will lock  - in which case you will need to download a product to unlock it like: 'DVD Region Free' ($39.95) which can be purchased online here. (This is preferable to using a firmware upgrade which can damage your PC).

The above information is as much as I know. I am by no means an expert on DVD region coding/format conversion etc so if you still have any questions please don't contact me as I will be unable to help further! Your best bet is to either talk to a DVD expert, or a electrical retailer, or to check out the countless web sites which provide solutions to these problems. I recommend the following site as a good starting point:


DVD Demystified  (especially section 1.19 of the FAQ)


N.B. DD Video have no option but to release Survivors and Survivors 2 in a region 2 DVD format. A North American company would have to strike a deal with the BBC if there were ever to be a region 1 DVD release of the series.


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