1st November 2004

If you want to connect up with other Survivors fans or just want to put forward your opinions on the new DVD, individual episodes, characters or the series in general, there are now two specific forums available for this purpose...

Bob's Survivors forum

This has been running for some time now and is accessible from Bob's site (see links page) or from the link on my Home Page. Click here to go directly to Bob's Survivors Forum.


NEW! - TV Gold

As of today there is also a new forum in operation maintained by Chris Herbert called TV Gold. After registering you can chat here about Survivors as well as other classic TV series such as Secret Army, Blake's 7 and  Upstairs Downstairs. Once again you can access this forum via the link on my Home Page.  Click here to go to TV Gold.




1st November 2004

The second series of Survivors is now available to buy at most large high street stores and from online retailers.



4th October 2004

The long wait is finally over. The second series of Survivors is now available! The cheapest place to buy the set online may or may not be Bensons World (bizarrely you can access two entries for the release on their pages - one which states 34.95 and another on a newer version of their site which states 38.95 , which is more expensive than Amazon at 37.49). High Street-wise HMV and Virgin should both once again take the title, but distribution issues may mean as before that the set reaches some branches before others.


24th August 2004

Reproduced below are a sample of screenshots from DD Video's forthcoming DVD release of the second series. As far as I can tell the digitally remastering process has once again really transformed the look of the episodes.

Above: One of the episode menus, which this time around is accompanied by the Survivors theme music and a montage of scenes in the background; a screenshot of Pet from the episode Parasites.

Above: Screenshots of Lizzie and Charles

Above: Screenshots of Greg and the chapter points for the first two episodes.


20th August 2004

The long wait is finally over! The second series of Survivors is now available for pre-order on at the discounted price of 37.99 - follow this link. The provisional cover (which includes some info. that has since changed) is reproduced for the very first time below.

Special features include: interviews with Denis Lill (Charles), Lorna Lewis (Pet), Heather Wright (Melanie) and director Pennant Roberts; an audio commentary on Lights of London Part 2 with Denis Lill, Pennant Roberts and Rich Cross (moderator); a photo gallery comprising BBC stills and photos provided by Lucy Fleming; and a 44-page full-colour behind-the-scenes booklet (which is pictorially stunning - designers Shoot That Tiger! having once again done a fantastic job).

As before the release will be available in major high street stores (HMV, Virgin), by mail order from DD Video and just about everywhere online. Don't panic if the release is delayed slightly - there is always a good reason for this sort of thing.

If you live outside Europe, you will need to purchase a multi-region player to play this region 2 release. Your local electrical retailer should be able to help.

Check back here soon for screenshots from the digitally remastered episodes and the navigation menus...


4th August 2004

For the past six weeks Heather Wright who played Melanie in the second series of Survivors - who recently recorded an interview for the forthcoming DVD release - has been toughing it out in the BBC's Pushed to the Limit: Britiain's Toughest Family. The series concludes tonight at 7pm on BBC 1. For more details on the programme see the BBC site listing here


28th July 2004

The classic historical BBC drama series Fall of Eagles, made in 1974, will also be released by DD Video this Autumn on DVD and Video. This news may be of interest to Survivors fans as the series features a prominent performance from Denis Lill as  Fritz (Emperor Friedrich Wilhelm). I thoroughly recommend this series (and not just because I've worked on this release). The incredible cast also includes Gayle Hunnicutt, Charles Kay, Patrick Stewart, Barry Foster and Gemma Jones. For more information follow this link.



No Videos

DD Video have decided that due to poor sales of the videos of Series 1, their Series 2 release will only be available on DVD (and yes I know Series 2 videos would have sold more copies than the many-times-released Series 1).


26th June 2004

All the Series 2 episodes have now been digitally remastered for the Series 2 DVD release.
I can confirm that scenes cut from the UK Gold transmissions of the episodes have also
been reinstated. The most significant cut was undoubtedly Lewis's confrontation with Kane
towards the end of the episode Parasites.

If you do have UK Gold recordings of these episodes you may notice on the new DVD many more 'surprise scenes' which were edited from certain transmissions for scheduling reasons.

My work on the accompanying booklet proceeds apace and at this stage it looks likely to run to 44 pages in total.

More news as and when...


11th June 2004

A selection of photos from the recent Survivors series 2 studio day.

Click on the images to view larger versions.


(All photos Rich Cross)


7th June 2004

Last Thursday saw the recording of the special features for DD Video's DVD boxset release of the second series of Survivors. I'm very pleased to reveal that at the last minute Denis Lill (Charles Vaughan) was confirmed as the final attendee at the event. Fingers (and a fair few other limbs) had been well and truly crossed that the day wouldn't clash with his new recording schedule for the next series of The Royal which has begun filming in Leeds.


   Lorna Lewis and Denis Lill ( BBC - Publicity photo for Birth of a Hope)


When you come to watch the new camera interviews you may think I've been practising a huskier delivery than last time around, in fact my voice was on the way out altogether. This posed problems for the planned audio commentary. In the end Rich Cross - who was once again photographing events - gallantly stepped into the breach and acted as moderator on the selected episode: Lights of London Part 2, alongside Denis and episode director Pennant Roberts. This is the only episode from series 2 which will feature a commentary track and was selected in line with the poll on this very website. Thank you to all who voted.


   Denis Lill and Celia Gregory ( BBC - Publicity photo for Lights of London Part 2)


All four Survivors colleagues clearly enjoyed the day and shared their memories freely and with great enthusiasm. A gallery of photos will appear here later this week.


The provisional release date is still Monday 4th October.



19th May 2004

More good news on the Survivors Series 2 DVD release. Lorna Lewis who played Pet Simpson for a total of fourteen episodes has now confirmed her involvement in the forthcoming DD Video studio interviews.


   Lorna Lewis 
BBC - Publicity photo for Birth of a Hope)


Lorna who is now a Church of England curate has fond memories of the series and is looking forward to being reunited with her Survivors colleagues...

More news as and when...


14th May 2004

As if it isn't enough that by October we'll soon be watching pristine digitally re- mastered series two episodes, DD Video have once again decided to produce some specially recorded features...

The full details of who and what is involved are not yet available, but I can now confirm the exciting news of the provisional involvement of two Survivors luminaries...

 Heather Wright
Photo Charlie Walker)

 Pennant Roberts  (Photo Rich Cross)

Heather Wright who played Melanie (in the episodes New Arrivals, Over the Hills and New World) will be interviewed about her time on the series. As will director Pennant Roberts (responsible for the series two episodes: Greater Love, The Lights of London Part 2, By Bread Alone and New Arrivals), who will undoubtedly provide more fascinating insights into the production of the show.

As always more news will be posted here as and when it becomes available....


5th May 2004

A quick update to provide a provisional release date for  the second series of Survivors on DVD and Video: 4th October 2004.

There is no news yet on special features but I hope to provide some concrete information soon.


29th March 2004

I can now exclusively confirm that the second series of Survivors will DEFINITELY be released by DD Video on DVD and Video later this year. Contrary to news on various web forums, this deal has only just been signed.


Greg on the move


Given the debacle surrounding the previously proposed releases of series two by Sovereign in the mid 90s, I wanted to make sure that the deal was absolutely concrete before I posted any update here.  This will be the first time series two has been released in any format. If you've never seen the second series before - you're in for a real treat!  If you have, soon you'll be able to throw away your grainy UK Gold edited recordings in favour of the pristine re-mastered episodes.

Lizzie and John


More news about the release will be posted here as and when it becomes available. Once again I will be involved in pulling together the special features for the release, but I am hoping to duck out of appearing on-screen this time around (it wasn't  my choice to appear on screen on the first season DVD - believe me!). What form these will take is still very much undecided.


Jenny and Arthur


Time to break out the honeycake and the home-made wine!





04 March 2004

There's a full page article on Survivors Series 1 in the Review section of the Independent today entitled ' Television That Told the Future' written by Johann Hari.

The article was accompanied by a picture of Abby and Greg. A pdf of the article is available here (you will need Acrobat Reader to view it).
That's all for now.


26 February 2004

Apologies to those of you who have been checking in for updates since Christmas. I was holding off in the hope that I'd hear that there was a green light from DD Video on Survivors Series 2 but at the moment there is still no firm news. I will post here as soon as I do receive news either way so please don't email me to ask separately.

There is now an intelligent and highly readable review of the Survivors Series 1 DVD release on the DVD Times website. It was written by Graham Nelson who also reviewed Secret Army Series 1 for that site. Click here to read it.



15 December 2003

Yet more rumours abound since my last update. Last week a visitor to the Mausoleum Club forum announced that DD Video were definitely releasing Survivors Series 2 in April 2004 and Series 3 in October 2004. I'm afraid this person got their wires crossed (or the person who told him has) as there is no 'go ahead' as yet. The decision is likely to be made in January and is still very much dependent on sales - so if you are still umming and ahhing - then now is the time to put your indecision aside. Similarly if you are particularly rich then now is the time to buy a back-up copy of the Series 1 set for 'best' or display purposes!


If the man from DD - "he say yes" - then it is likely that series 2 will see release in Autumn 2004 not Spring or Summer. I have been promised an exclusive by DD if it is a green light so this is the place to come to hear the news first. Fingers and all other limbs crossed please.

Paul Mount (one of the contributors to Kevin Marshall's book) has written a review of the boxset on which can be viewed here.

A quick plug for Secret Army (as I know many of you are fans of that series too): DD Video have now confirmed release of both series 2 and 3 of this excellent show. The provisional release date for Series 2 is April 2004.

Happy Christmas Everyone!



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