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Former Gestapo Headquarters - 453 Avenue Louise

This is the only location in this Secret Army guide to Brussels which was not actually used during the filming of the series. However, as the HQ and its location in the Avenue Louise is regularly referred to, it seems appropriate to include it here. Another very good reason for its inclusion is the presence of a monument in front of the building which commemorates Baron Jean de Selys Longchamps, a Belgian member of the RAF, who attacked the building in a Hawker Typhoon on the 20 January 1943. John Brason worked this real-life event into the final episode of Series 2: Day of Wrath. Longchamps story became that of Andre de Beers (John Alkin) although several differences were made to his story for dramatic purposes. Longchamps was demoted for his exploits  but simultaneously earned the DFC. He died later that year while returning from a sortie.

A side view of the monument (with commemorative words in English)

Another view of the HQ building

The HQ as it looked back in 1943

N.B. The building is at the bottom of the Avenue Louise and is best reached by tram from Palais de Justice or the top of the Avenue.

Screenshots from Day of Wrath (click for full image)