Character Review - Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell joined the community, whilst en route to Scotland with his secretary, Charmian Wentworth, in
Spoil of War. At first, like Tom Price,  Arthur completely under-reacted to the death, assuming that he and Charmian would survive perfectly well by themselves in the roles (of employer and secretary) that the death wouldn't change.  This attitude amazed Abby, Jenny, Greg and Paul when they first met the pair. Further problems arose when it became clear that Arthur intended to set himself apart from the rest of the community. Abby put a swift stop to this by instructing that all meals should be consumed together and by advising that everyone would have to pull their weight to stay at the Grange.

Abby's edicts did the trick and Arthur slowly came to realise that his expectations were unrealistic. His hold on Charmian also relaxed and they discovered a new bond of friendship which replaced their previous working relationship. Relatively quickly Arthur settled into his new life and soon became a respected figure in the community. His finest hour was his involvement in early attempts to federate the disparate communities in A Beginning by travelling between them by bicycle.

Some time later, when the Grange was destroyed by fire in the middle of winter in Birth of a Hope and Charmian and several others lost their lives, Arthur reacted to the situation very badly. However as time progressed, he recovered and he settled into the White House at the new community at Whitecross.

Arthur continued to be a member of  the community whose opinion was sought. When Paul was ill and isolated in the barn, in Greater Love, it was Arthur who discussed with Greg, Charles and Ruth what should be done next. However as time went on Arthur seemed to take a less active role in community decision making and faded into the background. In Arthur's final episode New Arrivals, he came down with an illness that Ruth believed was caused by low morale and a delayed reaction to the death. At the end, despite Ruth's encouragement, he appeared to have lost any will to live and made a quiet departure from the Whitecross community.

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