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John Bennett

John Bennett is probably best known in telefantasy circles for his roles in Doctor Who and Blake's Seven. In the former he played the villainous Li H'sen Chang in the classic six parter The Talons of Weng Chiang. Whilst in the latter he played the troubled Coser in the second season episode Weapon. Early in his career he played Philip Bosinney in the original TV adaptation of the Forsyte Saga in 1967.

Above: John as he is today [ Gered Mankowitz] and as the misguided magician
Li H'sen Chang in
Doctor Who [also recorded in 1977].

John has has a phenomenally full acting career, some of his career highlights are listed below:

Charlotte Gray [Gerard] 2001 film
The Pianist [Dr Erlich] 2001 film
Holby City (Ep: The Mourning After) [Bruce Holden] 2001 tv
The Infinite World of H.G.Wells [Mr Jagger] 2001 tv
Jason and the Argonauts [Idas] 2000 tv
Jonathan Creek (Ep: The Three Gamblers) [Frank Geiger] 2000 tv
Heartbeat (Ep: Old Ties) [Terence Young] 1999 tv
Murder Most Horrid (Ep: The Body Politic) [DCI Graham Barlow] 1996 tv
The Fifth Element [High Priest] 1996 film
Mulberry [Death] 1995 tv
Jolson the Musical (Louis Epstein) 1995 stage (nominated for Olivier award)

A Christmas Carol [Narrator] 1994 stage (RSC)
Cadfael (Ep: The Leper at St.Giles) [Lazarus] 1994 tv
Priest [Father Redstone] 1994 tv
Bergerac (Ep: Sins of Forgiveness) [Aaron Rosenbaum] 1988 tv
The Bretts [Sirkotsky] 1987 tv
Miss Marple; Sleeping Murder [Richard Erskine] 1987 tv
Tai-Pan [Orlov] 1986 tv
The Sound of Music [Max Detweiller] 1982 stage
Blake's Seven (Ep: Weapon) [Coser] 1979 tv
Watership Down [Holly] 1978 film
Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng Chiang [Li H'sen Chang] 1977 tv
I Claudius {Xenophon] 1978 tv
The Barber of Stamford Hill [The Barber] 1976 film
Doctor Who: Invasion of the Dinosaurs [General Finch] 1974 tv
Henry VIII and His Six Wives [Wriothesley] 1973 tv
The House That Dripped Blood [Superintendent Holloway] 1970 tv
The Avengers (Ep: False Witness) [Sykes] 1968 tv
Honey Lane [Billy Bush] 1968 tv
The Avengers (Ep: Who's Who?) 1967 tv
The Forsyte Saga [Phillip Bosinney] 1967 tv
The Avengers (Ep: The Hour That Never Was) [Camp Cook] 1965 tv
The Avengers (Ep: A Surfeit of H20) [Heckler] 1965 tv
The Avengers (Ep: Mission to Montreal) [Marson] 1962 tv

Gabrielle Hamilton

Gabrielle Hamilton is still very active in the business and if anything is looking younger than she did in 1977.

Gabrielle as she is today [ John Emerson] and as one of the relay athletes 'reliving her
1936 Gold' in a spoof on
Alan Partridge's Knowing Me, Knowing You [1995].

Some of her many credits include:

Mountain Language [The Mother] 2001 stage
In Defence [Tilly Kramer] 2000 tv
Annie's Car [Annie] 1999 film
Tube Tales [Passenger] 1999 film
Pygmalion [Mrs Higgins] 1999 stage
You be Ted, I'll be Sylvia [Mrs Beady] 1999 stage
Casualty (Ep: Everybody Hurts) [Fay] 1999 tv
A Kind of Hush [Gran] 1998
Listen to the Wind [Lady Serena/Grandma] 1997 stage
Cold Comfort Farm [Aunt Ada Doom] 1996 stage
Tartuffe [Flipote] 1996 stage
Alan Partridge - Knowing Me, Knowing You [Olympic Champion] 1995 TV
Fist of Fun (Ep: 1.2) 1995 tv
The Great Kandinsky [Mrs Bader] 1995 tv
The Tomorrow People [Lady Mulvaney] 1992 tv
Tales of the Unexpected (Ep: Down Among the Sheltering Palms) [Doris] 1979 tv
Strange Report (Ep: Revenge: When a Man Hates) [Mrs Rogers] 1968 tv
Cathy Come Home [Welfare Officer] 1965 tv

Linda Polan

Linda Polan has taken many TV and film roles over the years.

Above: Linda as the creepy but ultimately innocent Juno
Baker in the Doctor Who spin-off
K9 and Company [1981] and in Sparks.

A selection of her credits are listed below:

Dangerfield (Ep: 1.1) [Cynthia Gray] 1995 tv
Jacob [Midwife] 1994 film
Coronation Street [Mrs Featherstone] 1990 tv
Blackadder II - Head [Mrs Ploppy] 1986 tv
Cariani and the Courtesans [Baroness] 1987 tv
Luna [Mother] 1983 tv
Naughty Boys [Daisy] 1983 film
El la nave va (aka And the Ship Sails On) [Ines Ruffo Saltini] 1983 film
Gulliver in Lilliput [The Queen] 1982 tv
K9 and Company [Juno Baker] 1981 tv
Juliet Bravo (Ep: Abuse) [Mrs Proctor] 1980 tv
Hussy [Hostess] 1980 film

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