SARS.  Anthrax.  Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Germ Warfare.

The BBC's 1970s SURVIVORS drama serial about a world devastated by a terrible plague has never seemed so relevant...

Created by Terry Nation, inventor of the Daleks, SURVIVORS ran for three series on BBC1 between April 1975 and June 1977.  Millions of viewers followed the few desperate survivors' struggle for life in a grim, post-holocaust world where 95% of the Earth's population had been wiped out by a lethal virus.  Gritty, uncompromising and realistic, the series set new standards for 'adult' science fiction on television.

Now DD Video will be releasing the complete Series One of SURVIVORS, comprising 13 full length episodes, on DVD and video this October.

On DVD, Series One will be available as a boxed set.  Special features have yet to be finally decided, but it is hoped to provide new cast interviews, audio commentaries by cast members and a picture gallery, as well as a full colour guidebook to the series containing much exclusive material and stills.

On VHS, the series will be made available as three video double packs.

Other classic television series to come from DD Video this winter include the BBC's SECRET ARMY, SERIES ONE and OH DOCTOR BEECHING, SERIES ONE. 



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