"I'm sure there'll be plenty of people who'd be glad to work for
a good meal or a warm coat" - Anne Tranter

Greg Preston arrives back from Holland by helicopter and finds his wife dead. Abby fails to
attract his attention when he flies overhead.

Jenny sees the smoke from Abby's campfire but she has left by the time she gets there. Greg
is flagged down by an upper class woman called Anne Tranter.

She directs him to a quarry where her partner, Vic Thatcher has had an accident. Vic is
trapped under an overturned tractor.

Greg frees Vic and does his best to reset his broken leg but fears that Vic is crippled. Anne
tells Greg that they were using the quarry as a base, scavenging supplies to be held in
storage there.

Greg does not find himself warming to Anne who comes across as selfish and arrogant. Jenny
who is now beside herself with loneliness meets Tom Price again.

Tom still wants nothing to do with her. He tells her that the Americans will be over to sort
things out soon.

Abby comes across a settlement of men in a manor house. Their leader is ex-Union president,
Arthur Wormley, who has taken upon himself the responsibility for law and order in the
country. He believes his authority stands, under the martial law imposed at the time of
national emergency, to control food supplies and mete out punishment for lootings.

Over a meal, they discuss the life the survivors of the death. However Abby's opinion of him
changes when she witnesses him sentence a man to death for leading an attack on the manor

Abby is frightened and disgusted by Wormley's methods and outlook and leaves the manor
house immediately

Greg is disgusted by Anne's plans to have people work for her in return for food, and in the
morning decides to leave her and Vic. However he promises to return with drugs for the latter
first, after which he will leave them for good. Anne runs after him as he leaves, but he
continues to drive off.

Anne is angry and distressed by Greg's desertion and decides to callously abandon Vic after
Greg is gone.

Vic calls out to her but she does not respond. Jenny and Greg meet for the first time whilst he
is raiding a chemist shop for drugs.

They drive back to the quarry together but Anne meets them at the entrance. She lies and
tells Greg that the drugs aren't required as Vic is dead. Greg reluctantly agrees to her joining
them. They bed down in a barn for the night. Jenny spies a fire on the horizon and she and
Greg set out for it immediately. Anne refuses to go with them.

As the sun rises on a new day they reach the fire outside a church. Abby greets them, saying
that she hoped the fire would attract some more survivors...


Episode Review

The pace of the series does not let up with this second episode which introduces the character of Greg Preston, who's engineering skills and practical knowledge will prove invaluable to other survivors. Greg's opposal to Ann's ideas and aid to Vic gives a good snapshot of this pivotal character. Although what is most probably most informative is his apparent lack of emotion at finding his wife's body.

The episode profiles some alternative reactions to life after the death. Wormley played strongly by George Baker sees the new order as an opportunity to gain power. Anne Tranter, the wonderful Myra Frances, is planning to use others to maintain her privileged lifestyle before the death. Whilst Tom Price is happy to better himself with quick fixes of new clothes and a stolen Rolls-Royce. Abby, Greg and Jenny are therefore thrown up into sharp relief as the series heroes who are not only concerned with themselves but rather with searching for another, as yet undisclosed, way forward.

The episode's climax sees the series three heroes meet for the first time, with fire once more used symbolically, this time to usher in a new age.

Rating: 10/10


Episode 2 - Genesis

writer: Terry Nation
first broadcast: 23rd April 1975

Regular Cast:

Abby Grant: Carolyn Seymour
Jenny Richards:
Lucy Fleming
Tom Price: Talfryn Thomas

and introducing...

Greg Preston:
Ian McCulloch
Anne Tranter: Myra Frances
Vic Thatcher: Terry Scully

Guest Cast:

Arthur Wormley: George Baker
Dave Long: Brian Peck
Colonel: Edward Brookes
Man: Peter Jolley

designer: Ray London
director: Gerald Blake
producer: Terence Dudley
episode recorded: 28th February - 1st March 1975

For biographies of the guest cast in this episode click here


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