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Denis Lill today.
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Denis Lill has had a very successful acting career. Apart from Survivors he is probably best known for his regular roles in Outside Edge, Mapp and Lucia, Only Fools and Horses, Rumpole of the Bailey and Sherlock Holmes, and for his memorable guest appearances in Doctor Who and Red Dwarf. His huge number of acting credits include:

Heartbeat (Ep: Closing the Book) [Mr Morris] 2002
I was a Rat [Sergeant Piggles] 2001 TV mini series
CI5: The New Professionals (Ep: Hostage) [Eliz Risha] 1999
Mrs Dalloway [Doctor Holmes] 1998 film
What Rats Won't Do [Moot Master] 1998
Full Circle [Doctor] film
The Innocent [Doctor] film
Rebecca [Giles] 1997 TV mini series
Evita [President Farrell] 1996
Element of Doubt [Simon] 1996
Paul Merton in Galton and Simpson's (Ep: Impasse) [RAC man] 1996
Richard III [Lord Mayor] 1995
Outside Edge [Dennis] 1994
Highlander (Ep: The Vampire) [Alan Baines] 1994
Red Dwarf (Ep: Gunmen of the Apocalypse) [Simulant Captain/Death] 1993
Poirot (Ep: The Underdog) [Sir Reuben Astwell] 1993
Frank Stubbs Promotes (Ep: Starlet) [Cyril] 1993
The 10 Percenters (Pilot Episode) [Murray] 1993
Red Hot [The Rector] 1993
Don't Leave Me This Way [Steve Fleming] 1993
Only Fools and Horses [Alan Parry 'Cassandra's father'] 1989-92
Inspector Alleyn (Ep: Scales of Justice) [Thomas Carteret] 1992
Rumpole of the Bailey [Mr Bernard] 1983-92
Bernard and the Genie [Frank Kepple] 1991 TV film
Waterfront Beat 1990
Stay Lucky (Ep: The Devil Wept In Leeds) [Blake] 1990
Casualty (Ep: Love's A Pain) [Tom Porter] 1990
Batman [Bob] 1989 film
Salome's Last Dance [Tigellenus/Chilvers] 1988
Boon (Ep: Have a Nice Day) [Alan Chambers] 1988
Hannay (Ep: Death with Due Notice) [Inspector Bristow] 1988
Blackadder' s Christmas Carol [Beadle] 1988
Suspicion [Inspector Hodgson] 1987
Yes Prime Minister (Ep: Official Secrets) [Derek Burnham] 1987
Terry and June (Ep: The Eye Of The Householder) [Inspector Gammage] 1987
Blackadder III (Ep: Dish and Dishonesty) [Sir Talbot Buxomly MP] 1987
Mapp and Lucia [Major Benjamin 'Benji' Flint] 1985-6
One By One (Ep: Doctor' s Orders) 1985
Arthur the King [King Pellinore] 1985
Jenny's War 1985
Sherlock Holmes (Eps: The Bruce Partington Plans, The Man with the Twisted Lip, The Mazarin Stone) [Inspector Bradstreet] 1984
Doctor Who - The Awakening [Sir George Hutchinson] 1984
Bergerac (Ep: The Company You Keep) [George Marshall] 1984
Reilly: The Ace of Spies 1983
China Rose [Superintendent George] 1983
The Scarlet Pimpernel [Count de Tournay] 1982
Bad Blood [Ted Best] 1981
Peter and Paul [James I] 1981
Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime (Ep: The Sunningdale Mystery)
[Hollaby Junior] 1980
The Professionals (Ep: Hijack) [Merhart] 1980
Lillie [Prince of Wales/King Edward VII] 1979
Doctor Who - Image of the Fendahl [Dr. Fendelman] 1977
Van der Valk (Ep: Face Value) [Roberts] 1977
The Eagle Has Landed 1976 film
Rock Follies [Chas Speed] 1976
Edward the King (aka Edward the Seventh) [Frederick Ponsonby] 1975
Madame Bovary [Rodolphe] 1975
The Royal Victorians 1975
The Regiment 1973

Van der Valk (Ep: A Rose for Mr Reinhart) [Van Houten] 1973
The Train Now Standing [Mr Potts] 1972

Below: As the Simulant Captain in the Red Dwarf VI
episode 'Gunmen of the Apocalypse'.

As the deceased Sir Talbot Buxomly in the
Blackadder III episode 'Dish and Dishonesty'.

As the possessed Sir Charles Hutchinson
in the 1984 Doctor Who story 'The Awakening'.

Below: As Hollaby Jnr in the Partners In Crime
episode: The Sunningdale Mystery

Below: As the fated Dr. Fendelman in the
Doctor Who story 'Image of the Fendahl'

Survivors: Behind The Scenes

Denis poses for a publicity shot during recording of 'Mad Dog'.

Below: Denis Lill and Lucy Fleming pose for publicity photographs
for the final series during recording of 'Manhunt'.

Below: Denis and producer Terence Dudley during a recording
break on the series two episode 'Over the Hills'.

Below: Denis Lill and Ian McCulloch recording a scene
for the season two opener 'Birth of a Hope'.

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