About the Series

Created by Jill Hyem and Lavinia Warner, of Tenko fame, WISH ME LUCK was a thrilling dramatisation of the ordeals endured by the brave civilian women recruited during the Second World War to operate as Allied agents behind enemy lines.

Produced by London Weekend Television, WISH ME LUCK was first broadcast in January 1988. A further two series followed in 1989 and 1990 and twenty-three episodes were made in all.

The first series of eight episodes follows the experiences of wife and mother Liz Grainger (Kate Buffery – Trial and Retribution) and plucky factory girl Mathilde ‘Matty’ Firman (Suzanna Hamilton – 1984), from their initial recruitment 
and training in England, through to the terrifying reality of their day-to-day lives as agents in Occupied France. Their fellow agents in ‘Area Three’ are Kit Vanston (Michael J. Jackson – Brookside) and Colin Beale (Jeremy Northam – Gosford Park), while running 'The Outfit' (based on the real-life Special Operations Executive) and making tough decisions back in England are Faith Ashley (Jane Asher – The Mistress) and Colonel James ‘Cad’ Cadogan (Julian Glover – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade).

The second series introduced new agents: Vivien Ashton (Lynn Farleigh) and Emily Whitbread (Jane Snowden), while the third featured Virginia Mitchell (Catherine Schell).

Right: Kate Buffery as Liz Grainger