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Heather Emmanuel

Heather appears as Tessa in the 1975 Doctor Who story, The Android Invasion, one of the operatives at the Devesham Space Research Centre [see below left]. She was also a regular Play School presenter, had minor roles in two Carry On films [Up the Jungle and Again Doctor] and appeared variously as nurses and lab assistants in The Professionals, The Andromeda Breakthrough and Danger Man. She is still acting today.

Alan Halley

Alan Halley has principally worked in the theatre since his role in Survivors, although he did appear in the Blake's Seven episode Pressure Point (see below) and the series Blore M.P. in 1989.

[Below left: Alan Halley today, Caroline Harris. Below right: Alan as Arle
(with Martin Connor as Berg) in
Blake's Seven - Pressure Point (1979)].

His stage credits include:

The Ingenious Mrs Behn (Lord Greville) 1997
Private Ear and Public Eye (Charles) 1988
Wife Begins at Forty (Lead) 1987
Having a Ball (Ritchie) 1983
What the Butler Saw (Sgt Match) 1983
Bedroom Farce (Nick) 1981
Stage Struck (Robert) 1981
Clouds (Ed) 1980
Outside Edge (Denis) 1980

Alan now lives in Maidstone and performs many TV voiceovers.

Derek Martin

Derek is now best known for his current role as long suffering dad, Charlie Slater, in the BBC soap
[Picture below left Steve Lewis.]

Before Eastenders, Derek had various roles in series such as The Governor (Deputy Governor - Garry Marshall), The Bill, The Detectives, Crime Monthly, Shoestring, Target, Dempsey and Makepeace, The Professionals, The Duchess of Duke Street and Doctor Who. Derek has notched up eight appearances in Doctor Who, as an extra, stuntman and most significantly as Mitchell in the classic 1977 story Image of the Fendahl. (His other Doctor Who's were The Romans, The Massacre, The Highlanders, The Web of Fear, Inferno, The Mind of Evil and The Claws of Axos.) Derek has also starred in the films: Piggy Bank [1997] and Boston Kick Out [1994].

Nicolette Roeg

Nicolette starred in many West End Musicals before she turned her attention to television. Her most celebrated stage performance was as Nancy in the 1966 production of Oliver!. Jon Pertwee was also in the cast as Fagin. This performance can be heard on LP. Other LPs featuring Nicolette include The Pajama Game, in which she sings 'Hernando's Hideaway', Belle and Two Cities. [Nicolette is pictured, below left, during her musical heyday].

Some of her TV and Film credits include:

Blake's Seven - Gambit (Chenie) [1978]
[see picture, above right, in which Sylvia Coleridge, Mrs Butterworth from A Little Learning, also starred]
The Onedin Line (Ada Gamble) [1976]
On The Buses - Bye Bye Blakey (Lady Doctor) [1972]
Tracey and Me (Dorothy) [1956]
Two's Company [1956]

Home Sweet Home [1945]

Nicolette is the sister of Nicolas Roeg, the famous film director, who directed
Performance, Don't Look Now, The Witches and The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Paul Seed

Paul Seed went on to play the villainous Graff Vynda K in
Doctor Who: The Ribos Operation [see below] the following year. During the rehearsal period for this story, it was actually Paul's dog that bit Tom Baker's face. Tom's 'wound' can be clearly seen in this and the following story, The Pirate Planet. Paul gave up acting pretty soon after he started out and become an accomplished TV director instead. Some of his directing credits (many of which are for award winning series) include: House of Cards, To Play the King, Murder Rooms, Playing the Field, A Rather English Marriage and A Touch of Frost.

Above: Two images of Paul Seed [with him in the second is Robert Reegan as
Sholakh] as the Graff Vynda K in the
Doctor Who: The Ribos Operation [1978].

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