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George Mallaby

As well as a successful acting career George has written episodes for Prisoner Cell Block H, (in which he also starred as social worker Paul Reid) and created the police series Homicide.

Above: George as Paul Reid in Prisoner Cell Block H.

Time Trax (Ep: A Close Encounter) [Ralph] 1994 tv
Cluedo [Col. Mustard] 1992 tv
Ratbag Hero [Benson] 1991 tv
The Power, the Passion [Justin Wright] 1989 tv
Outbreak of Hostilities [Vince] 1982 film
Highest Honor [Lieut. Cmdr Don Davidson] 1982 film
Prisoner Cell Block H [Paul Reid] 1980 tv
1990 [Carr] 1977 tv
Cop Shop [Det. Sgt. Glen Taylor] 1977 tv
The Spy Who Loved Me [USS Wayne Crewmember] 1977 film
Power Without Glory [Barney Robinson] 1977 tv
Eliza Fraser [Lt. Otter] 1976 tv
End Play [Robert Gifford] 1975 tv
The Box [Paul Donovan] 1974-5 tv
Homicide [Sen. Det. Peter Barnes] 1967-73 tv
Hunter (Eps: The Benedict File Pt 1 and 2) [Kelly] 1967 tv

Clifton Jones

Clifton was a regular on Space 1999.

Above: Clifton Jones as David Kano in Space 1999.His acting credits include:

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Eps: Redemption Pt 1 and 2) [Ensign Craig] 1991 tv
China Moon [Dr Ocampo] 1991 film
Sheena [King Jabalini of Tigora] 1984 film
Ike [Sergeant Hunt] 1979 tv
Agony (Ep: Conjugal Wrongs) [Dr. John Strong] 1979 tv
The Professionals (Ep: The Madness of Mickey Hamilton) [St. Jacques] 1979 tv
Watership Down [Blackavar - voice] 1978 film
The Professionals (Ep: Look After Annie) [Stanley] 1978 tv
1990 [Henry Tasker] 1977 tv
Hunter's Walk (Ep: Outsiders) [DS Gladstone] 1976 tv
Space 1999 [David Kano] 1975-6 tv
The Great McGonagall [various roles] 1974 film
Innocent Bystanders [Hetherton] 1972 film
The Persuaders (Ep: Greensleeves) [Dr. Kibu] 1971 tv
Jason King (Ep: Flamingos Only Fly on Tuesday) [Sebastian] 1971 tv
Decline and Fall of a Birdwatcher [Chokey] 1968 film
Only When I Larf [General Sakut] 1968 film

Roy Boyd

In telefantasy circles Roy Boyd is best known for his roles as the unforgettable Zukan in the penultimate Blake's 7 episode Warlord, as Driscoll in Doctor Who: The Hand of Fear and as Lord Drinian in the BBC production of C.S.Lewis' The Silver Chair. Roy has has a long and successful acting career.

Above: Roy Boyd today [ Jonathan Dockar-Drysdale]
and as Driscoll in Doctor Who - The Hand of Fear (1976).

Some of his many credits include:

Natural Lies [Marner] 1992 tv
Covington Cross (Ep: Blinded Passions)[Tilden] 1992 tv
Heartbeat (Ep: Outsiders) [Joseph Lazlos] 1992 tv
Poirot (Ep: Mystery of Hunter's Lodge) [Jack Stoddard] 1991 tv
The Silver Chair [Lord Drinian] 1990 tv
The Lady and the Highwayman [Sir John] 1989 tv
Black Arrow [Lawless[ 1985 tv
Czech Mate [Stefan Iriackz] 1984 tv
Mindr (Ep: Second Hand Pose) [Bill] 1984 tv
Blake's 7 (Ep: Warlord) [Zukan] 1981 tv
Why Didn't They Ask Evans? [Alan Carstairs] 1980 tv
Pennies from Heaven [Horace] 1978 tv
Coronation Street [Mr Franklyn] 1978 tv
A House Full of Men [Patterson] 1977 tv
The XYZ Man (Ep: Resolution) [Brian] 1976
Doctor Who: The Hand of Fear [Driscoll 1976 tv
Space 1999 (Ep: The Immunity Syndrome) [Joe Lustig] 1976 tv
The Sweeney (Ep: Big Brother) [Stan Traynor] 1975 tv
Emmerdale Farm [Dryden Hogben] 1974 tv
The Wicker Man [Broome] 1973 film
New Scotland Yard (Ep: Don't Go Out Alone) [DS Murphy] 1973 tv
Counterstrike (Ep: Backlash) [Johnson] 1969 tv
The Fiction Makers [McCord] 1967 tv
Crossroads [Eddie Lee] 1964 tv

Jon Glover

Jon is probably most familiar as Mr Cholmondley-Warner in Harry Enfield's spoof public information films. (Mr Cholmondley-Warner stabbed Greg!) He has also taken parts in Alas Smith and Jones and French and Saunders.

Above: Jon Glover today [ Nigel Wilson].

His other acting roles have included:

Good Again [Spike Milligan] 2001 radio
Bremner, Bird and Fortune 2001 tv
Mr Bean [Various Voices] 2001 tv
Murder 4 - Thursday the 12th [TV Reporter] 2000 tv
Where the Heart Is (Ep: New Moon Rising) [Dave Dexter] 2000 tv
Midsomer Murders (Ep: Death in Disguise) [TV Interviewer] 1998 tv
Blonde Bombshell [Allan Lakes/Doctor] 1998 tv
Crocodile Shoes 2 [Talk Show Host] 1996 tv
Goodnight Sweetheart [Dr Stone] 1996 tv
Goodnight Sweetheart [Wilfred Pickles] 1995 tv
Shine on Harvey Moon [Michael Miles] 1995 tv
This Happy Breed [Bob] 1994 stage
Peak Practice [Greg Miller] 1994 tv
The Animals of Farthing Wood [Voices] 1993 tv
Bodger and Badger [Lionel Beasley] 1993 tv
Casualty (Ep: Survival) [Jeremy] 1986 tv
Casualty (Ep: Quiet) [Boxing Commentator] 1986 tv
Miss Marple: A Pocketful of Rye [Det. Sgt. Hay] 1985 tv
Spitting Image [Voices] tv
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy [Management Consultant] 1981 tv

David Cook

David presented the popular ITV kids show Rainbow between 1972-3, long before Geoffrey donned his pink dungarees.

Above: David Cook today [ Roger J. Read].

His other TV credits include:

The Bill [Carl Jones] 1998 tv
All Creatures Great and Small [Mr Hopps] 1988-9 tv
King and Country [Private Wilson] 1964 tv

Paul Humpoletz

Above: Paul Humpoletz today [ Jenny Potter].

Paul's film and TV credits include:

The Waiting Time [Karl Gerber] 1999 tv
Space Precinct (Ep: The Snake) [Stephen Dallas] 1994 tv
Paris (Ep: Les Musicians) [Hans] 1994 tv
Backbeat [Bruno] 1993 film
The Marshal [Franco] 1993 tv
Sherlock Holmes (Ep: The Leading Lady) [Oberstein] 1990 tv
Edge of Darkness [Det. Chief Superintendent Elham] 1986 tv
Operation Julie [Carl] 1985 tv
Terry and June [Mr Baker] 1985 tv
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Ep: The Final Problem) [Steiler] 1985 tv
Juliet Bravo (Ep: Arlene) [Bobby Dawson] 1981 tv
Riding High [Gelt] 1980 film
The Professionals (Ep: Wild Justice) [DCI Botham] 1980 tv
Hamlet [Marcellus] 1980 tv
Force Ten from Navarone [Sergeant Bismarck] 1978 tv
The Professionals (Ep: Where the Jungle Ends) [Tub] 1978 tv
Colditz [Captain James] 1972 tv
Nothing But the Night [Angus] 1972 film
Jason King (Eps: All That Glisters Pt 1 and 2) [Weil] 1971

Richard Cornish

Richard Cornish's acting credits are as follows:

The Talisman [Neville] 1980 tv
The Abdication [Charles] 1974 tv
The Internecine Project [Co-pilot] 1974 film
Wessex Tales: Barbara of the House of Grebe [Drenkard] 1973 tv
Lord Peter Wimsey: Clouds of Witness [Jocelyn Peake] 1972 tv
Cromwell [Oliver Cromwell II] 1970 tv

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