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Glyn Owen (Bernard Huxley)

Glyn Owen is best known for his portrayals of: the alcoholic shipyard owner Jack Rolfe in the BBC's Howards Way, Commander Leylan in the 2nd and 3rd episodes of Blake's Seven and gun-runner Rohm Dutt in the Doctor Who story: The Power of Kroll.


Above: Glyn Owen as he is today [ R Lloyd] and as he appeared in Doctor Who in 1978.

Glyn has had many other acting credits. They include:

In Defence [Will Chaney] 2000 tv
Extremely Fangerous [Fleming] 1999 tv
Get Real (ep: Leg) [Douglas] 1998 tv
Peak Practice [Dr Philip Ramsden] 1996 tv
Heartbeat (2 episodes) [DCI Merton] 1992 tv
Howard's Way [Jack Rolfe] 1985-1990 tv
Juliet Bravo (ep: You Can Go Home Again) [Chaz Fairborther] 1982 tv
The Bounder (ep: Howard at the Majestic) [Nipper] 1982 tv
A Horseman Riding By [Dr O'Keefe] 1978 tv
Doctor Who: The Power of Kroll [Rohm-Dutt] 1978 tv
The Professionals (ep: Rogue) [Barry Martin] 1978 tv
All Creatures Great and Small (ep: Faint Hearts) [Dick Taverner]  1978 tv
The Sweeney (ep: Money, Money, Money) [Wally Hough] 1978 tv
Blake's Seven (eps: Space Fall, Cygnus Alpha) [Commander Leylan] 1978 tv
The Firefighters [Mr Grant] 1975 tv
Great Mysteries (ep: Money to Burn) [Det. Inspector Cumberland] 1973 tv
Hunter's Walk (ep: Incident) [George Lomax] tv 1973
The Brothers [Edward Hammond] 1972 tv
Doomwatch (ep: The Web of Fear) [Griffiths] 1971 tv
One More Time [Dennis] 1970 film
Attack on the Iron Coast [Lieuteant Forrester] 1968 film
The Rat Catchers [Richard Hurst] 1966 tv
R3 (ep: The Critical Moment) [Captain Richards] 1965 tv
Danger Man (ep: Colony Three) [Randall] 1964 tv
The Saint (The Fellow Traveller) [Superintendent Kinglake] 1963 tv

Richard the Lionheart [Hugo] 1962 tv
Out of This World (ep: Impostor) [Frank Nelson] 1962 tv
Top Secret (ep: Shakedown at Saramino) [Dai Morgan] 1961 tv
Inn for Trouble [Lord Bill Osborne] 1960 film
The Invisible Man [Smith] (ep: The Rocket) 1959 tv
William Tell (ep: The Bride) [Anton] 1958 tv
Emergency Ward 10 [Dr Patrick 'Paddy' O'Meara] 1957 tv
The Trollenberg Terror [George Brett] 1956 tv

Caroline Burt (Laura Foster)

Caroline is perhaps best known as the former wife of Brian Cox - the original Hannibal Lecter.

Above: Caroline as she is today [ Clare Clifford]

Her other acting credits include:

Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less [Woman at auction] 1990 tv
Public Eye (ep:
When you've paid the bill you're none the wiser) [Caroline] 1971 tv

Denis Lawson (Norman)

Denis Lawson is best known for his roles as Kit Curran in the Kit Curran Radio Show, Ken Church in Rock Follies, John Stone in The Ambassador and Wedge Antilles in all all three original Star Wars films. He currently features in Holby City as Tom Campbell-Gore. Denis also wrote and directed Solid Geometry, which starred Ewan MacGregor and was broadcast in 2003 on Channel 4


Above: Denis today [ Fatimah Nandar] and as Wedge Antilles in the Star Wars trilogy.

His many acting credits include:

Holby City [Tom Campbell-Gore] 1999-  tv
Joy-Rider [Tommy] 2002 film
Lucky Jim [Julius Gore-Urquhart] 2002 tv
Other People's Children [Tom] 2000 tv
Bob Martin [Greg] 2000 tv
The Round Tower [Arthur Brett] 1998 tv
Hornblower (ep: The Examination for Lieutenant) [Captain 'Dreadnought' Foster] 1998 tv
The Ambassador [John Stone] 1998 tv
A Royal Scandal [Henry Brougham] 1996 tv
Tales from the Crypt (ep: Smoke Wrings) [Frank] 1996 tv
Natural Lies [Towne] 1992 tv
Born Kicking [Victor Grace] 1992 tv
Bejewelled [Alistair] 1991 tv
Boon (ep: Bully Boys) [James Marian] 1990 tv
One Way Out [Bernard] 1989 tv
Love After Lunch [Miles] 1987 tv
Kit Curran [Kit Curran] 1986 tv
Dead Head [Eddie Cass] 1986 tv
That Uncertain Feeling [John Aneurin Lewis] 1985 tv
Victoria Wood: As Seen On TV 1985 tv
The Chain [Keith] 1984 film
The Kit Curran Radio Show [Kit Curran] 1984 tv
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi [Wedge Antilles] 1983 film
Local Hero [Gordon Urquhart] 1983 film
Bergerac (ep: Miracle Every Week) [Giroux] 1983 tv
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back [Wedge Antilles] 1980 film
The Flipside of Dominick Hide [Felix] 1980 tv
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope [Wedge Antilles] 1977 film
Rock Follies of '77 [Ken Church] 1977 tv
Providence [Dave Woodford] 1977 film
The Man in the Iron Mask [Claude] 1976 tv
Rock Follies [Ken Church] 1976 tv
The Merchant of Venice [Launcelot Gobbo] 1973 tv

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