The Fourth Horseman - Guest Cast

Peter Bowles

Well known actor Peter Bowles was deliberately cast as Abby's husband
David, in order that his death in this first episode would surprise the
viewer. Peter is most fondly remembered for the roles of Richard De
Vere in
To The Manor Born
(1979-81) [shown below with Penelope Keith
as Audrey],
The Irish RM (1983-5) and Guy Buchanan in Perfect
(1993). Most recently he has appeared in the feature films
Love and War (2000) and One of his Hollywood Ten (2000).

Peter Copley

Peter Copley who played Bronson is perhaps best known for his portrayal of
Dr. Warlock in the classic Doctor Who story
Pyramids of Mars
(1975) [pictured
below with Elisabeth Sladen and Tom Baker]. Despite his advanced years he
is still acting today. Some of his roles in the 90s included Harold Richards in
(1992), Abbot Herebert in Cadfael (1993) and Robinson in Wives and
(1999). [Portrait below Bromhead Photography]

Christopher Reich

Christopher Reich went on to star as Number 5 in the James Bond film Never
Say Never Again, but is best known for his portrayal of another Doctor, Dr.
Samuels in the long running BBC soap Eastenders in the early 90s
[see colour
image below]
. More recently he has appeared as John Peters in two series of
Nuts and Bolts (2001), John Sullivan in Peerless Jim (1998) and Lord Cloughton
The New Adventures of Robin Hood (1998).

[Picture below: Portrait Brian Tarr]

Elizabeth Sinclair

Elizabeth Sinclair who played Patricia, the first person we see with 'the death',
is also still acting although in larger roles than Survivors afforded her. She was
Helen Reavey in
Monarch of the Glen (2001), Mary McHoan in The Crow Road
(1996) and Mrs Morgan in Dr. Findlay (1995).
[Picture below Jenny Potter]

Blake Butler

Blake Butler who played Mr Pollard, the stationmaster, was one of the
original characters in the BBC comedy series
Last of the Summer Wine. He
played Mr Wainwright between 1973 and 1976. He also made guest
appearances in
The Good Life as Ronnie Boxall in 'Just My Bill' (1975) and
Dad's Army (1970).

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