Career History - Stephen Tate


Above: Stephen Tate today and as Lord
Chiswick in The Black Adder

Stephen Tate is still acting and now lives in Bristol. He has taken a variety of television roles. They include:

Bramwell [Harry] 1996
Kavanagh QC Ep: Men of Substance [Patrick Bennett] 1994
Minder Ep: Bring Me The Head of Arthur Daley [Fitzgibbon] 1994
Cardiac Arrest Ep: Turning Out the Light [Mr Edwards] 1994
Boon Ep: Have a Nice Day [Alan Clark] 1988
Big Deal [Dick Mayer] 1984
The Black Adder - The Queen of Spain's Beard [Lord Chiswick] 1983
Blake's 7 Ep: Mission to Destiny [Mandrian] 1978

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