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Albert Foiret (Bernard Hepton)

Owner of the Cafe Candide (later Restaurant Candide). Albert helps Lisa with the running of Lifeline as her second. The cafe is the centre of operations for the evasion line. He is married to Andree, an invalid whom he no longer loves. His mistress is barmaid Monique Duchamps to whom he refuses to fully commit. Albert can be tough when required to be and has killed several men to ensure the safety of the line...

Bernard is best known for his roles in I Claudius (Pallas), The Six Wives of Henry VIII (Cranmer) and as Esterhase in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Smiley's People.

Monique Duchamps (Angela Richards)

Monique is the barmaid at the Cafe Candide. She is also Albert Foiret's mistress. She loathes Albert's wife Andree and wants him to leave her. Monique is also involved in Lifeline and takes part in interrogation and guide work as required...

Angela followed Elaine Page as Grizzabella in Cats and has starred in many West End Musicals.

Natalie Chantrens (Juliet Hammond-Hill)

Natalie is another barmaid at the Cafe Candide. Like Lisa she acts as a guide for the evasion line. She is close to both Albert and Monique.

Juliet also appeared in Blake's 7 (Pella in the episode Power), Dark Towers (Miss Hawk) and Blood Money (Irene Kohl).

Sturmbahnfuhrer Ludwig Kessler (Clifford Rose)

Gestapo man Kessler has been sent by Berlin High Command to solve the evasion line problem in Belgium once and for all. Kessler is a staunch Nazi who is fiercely loyal to the Fuhrer. He often crosses swords with his Luftwaffe colleagues.

Clifford has appeared in Inspector Morse and Callan (Dr Snell), but is best known for the part of Kessler which he reprised in 1981 for the TV series with the same name.

Major Erwin Brandt (Michael Culver)

Since his arrival in Brussels, Erwin Brandt of the Luftwaffe, has gone some way to combat the evasion line problem. He is not best pleased when he learns that he is to be permanently assisted by Kessler. Brandt treats captured pilots well, a strategy designed to put them at ease and make them talk.

Michael is probably best known for his roles in Cadfael (Prior Robert), The House of Elliot (Sir Ralph Saroyan) and Black Beauty (Squire Trelawney). He also appeared as Captain Needa in the film The Empire Strikes Back.

Lisa Colbert 'Yvette' (Jan Francis)

Lisa set up Lifeline and runs the operation from the Cafe Candide. Her cover, when she is not taking Allied aircrew down the line is to works as a nurse at Dr. Keldermans' surgery. She distrusts the newly arrived John Curtis and is adamant that other than financially, they do not need assistance from London. Lisa's pretty face belies her strong-will.

Jan starred as Penny in Just Good Friends. She has also taken regular roles in Staying Lucky, the Duchess of Duke Street (Irene Baker), The Long Chase and The Ghostbusters of East Finchley (Grace).

Flt. Lt. John Curtis (Christopher Neame)

Curtis has been sent to Brussels by London to assist in the running of Lifeline. He is attracted to Lisa, but she has no time for him and resent his presence. His motives and cover are questioned by the Lifeline members at the Candide.

Christopher is probably best known for his roles as Lieut. Player in Colditz and as Skagra in the unfinished Dr Who tale Shada. He has also appeared in many roles on American television.

Dr. Pascal Keldermans (Valentine Dyall)

Keldermans is a vital member of Lifeline, as he is regularly called upon to treat airman who have been picked up wounded. Keldermans also treats many German officers to avoid suspicion. Lisa works as a nurse at his surgery as her cover.

Valentine Dyall was well known as radio's 'Man in Black'. In the 1980s he made several guest appearances in Doctor Who as The Black Guardian.
He passed away in 1985.

Alain Muny (Ron Pember)

Alain is Lifeline's wireless operator who passes on messages from London to the Candide. Before the war he was a farmer, now his wife and son look after the farm while he works for Lifeline.

Ron's films include Personal Services and The Land That Time Forgot. TV highlights include Dennis Timson in Rumpole of the Bailey, Charley in the final Avengers episode - Bizarre, Chrissie's Dad in 'Swimming the Channel' in Victoria Wood As Seen on TV  and the Tax Man in the Red Dwarf episode Better Than Life.

Madeleine Duclos (Hazel McBride)

Madeleine has quite a name for herself in Brussels following her high profile relationship as a mistress to a Baron. She befriends Kessler at the Candide and the pair form an unlikely romantic attachment.

Hazel also appeared in Survivors (Alice in Bridgehead) and The Professionals (Liz Spalding in You'll be Alright).

Max Brocard (Stephen Yardley)

Max is an expert forger with some obvious communist leanings. In the evening he accompanies Monique on the piano in the Restaurant Candide.

Stephen is best known as the slippery businessman - Ken Masters in Howards Way. He also appeared as Vince Farmer in Family Affairs, Vic Morgan in Widows 2, Sevrin and Arak in the Doctor Who stories - Genesis of the Daleks and Vengeance on Varos, Inspector Cadogan in Virtual Murder and Reeve in the Blake's 7 episode Sand.

Major Hans Dietrich Reinhardt (Terrence Hardiman)

Reinhardt is a quick-witted Luftwaffe Major who has little confidence in a German victory. His methods and manner causes Kessler to take a strong dislike to him. Reinhardt is keen to expose Lifeline.

Terrence is now best known as children television's Demon Headmaster. Other regular roles include: Abbot Radulfus in Cadfael, Grand Wizard Hellebore in The Worst Witch, Sawyer in The Charmer and Commander Chiswick in Prime Suspect 3.

Major Nick Bradley (Paul Shelley)

Nick Bradley is a charismatic Englishman who revels in his wartime life. He is persuasive and commanding and critical of Lifeline's security.

Paul's TV roles include: Stafford Wynter in Crossroads, Fred Simcox in Paradise Postponed, Christopher Swann in Lace 2, Major Provine in the Blake's 7 episode Countdown and Persuasion in the Doctor Who tale Four to Doomsday.

Gaston Colbert (James Bree)

Lisa's uncle Gaston works in a Brussels bank. He uses his position to forge
documents and papers for Lifeline. His wife, Louise, doesn't know about his undercover work.

James television credits include: Montanus in I Claudius, Colonel Grace in The Jewel in the Crown, Dinwiddy Snurdle in Galloping Galaxies and several roles in Doctor Who (the Security Chief in the War Games, Nefred in Full Circle and The Keeper of the Matrix in The Trial of a Time Lord).

Andree Foiret (Eileen Page)

Andree is Albert's crippled wife, whom he no longer loves. Andree resents
Monique's presence in the Candide and correctly suspects that she is
having an affair with her husband.

Eileen recently appeared as Elinor of Aquitane in her own one woman show. Her television credits include: Lovejoy, MIdsomer Murders and Francisca in the BBC Shakespeare version of Measure for Measure.

Captain Stephen Durnford (Stephan Chase)

An English Captain who arrives in Brussels soon after the Germans depart.

Stephan also appeared in the following TV series: UFO, Return of the Saint, The Famous Five (Perton) and Flickers.

Francois (Nigel Williams)

Francois is a bookish student who falls in love with Natalie. he is keen to become involved in Lifeline, but has no experience of evasion work.

Nigel has appeared in the following TV series: Hi-de-hi!, Red Dwarf, Keeping Up Appearances and Hippies.

Louise Colbert (Maria Charles)

Louise is Lisa's aunt and Gaston's wife. She is terrified of the Germans. She suspects that Lisa and Gaston are involved in resistance activities, but will not broach the subject with them.

Maria Charles recently appeared as Noreen Briggs in Bad Girls. Other roles include: Mrs Hawtrey in Cor Blimey!, Alena in Crime and Punishment, Widow Corney in Oliver Twist, Sarah Pocket in Great Expectations and Madge in Thomas and Sarah.

Hans van Broecken (Gunnar Moller)

Hans is Natalie's uncle. He deserted the German army during the First World War and now lives a simple life as a bargee with his wife Lena. He has an uncanny knack of becoming embroiled in Lifeline's schemes.

Jacques Bol (Timothy Morand)

Jacques owns a local bicycle shop, which is often used as a rendezvous point by members of Lifeline. Jacques assists in the interrogation and movement of RAF evaders.

Paul Vercors (Ralph Bates)

A dangerous communist who becomes obssessed with taking revenge on Albert after the loss of one of his colleagues.

Lena van Broecken (Marianne Stone)

Lena is Hans' wife and Natalie's aunt. She is a nervous but resourceful woman.

Hauptmann Muller (Hilary Minster)

Reinhardt's second at the Avenue Louise headquarters.

Yvonne (Henrietta Baynes)

Yvonne is a flirtatious and lazy barmaid at the Candide. Her presence often irritates Monique.