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Unbroadcast Episode:
What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?

Written by: John Brason
Directed by: Viktors Ritelis

1969.  A British TV documentary
series called 'In Our Time' is
profiling the work of the wartime
evasion lines to mark the occasion
of the 25th anniversary of the
liberation of Brussels. Monique
Durnford, Albert, Alain, Natalie and
even Kessler - now under the
pseudonym Manfred Dorf - are all
interviewed for the programme. The
former members of Lifeline have
also been invited to take part both in a
ceremony at an airfield near
Brussels and in a reunion back at the
Candide, which Albert still owns.
Monique is uncertain about the reunion
and after visiting Yvette's soon to be
demolished grave decides she can't go
through with it. However, at the last
minute she elects to take a taxi to the
Candide where she meets her old
friends again. That evening they
reminisce about the past and discuss
whether their wartime activities were
really worthwhile.

N.B. This episode has never been
broadcast and will not be included on
the forthcoming Series 3 DVD release
due to clearance issues. I cannot
supply copies so please don't ask!
However, more information about this
episode, including the reasons why it
was never broadcast, will be detailed
in the accompanying DVD booklet.
Above: Albert (Bernard Hepton), Natalie (Juliet Hammond-Hill) and Alain (Ron Pember). Photo BBC .

Principal Guest Cast: Stephen Durnford (Stephan Chase), Air Commodore (Robert MacLeod),
Master of Ceremonies (Seymour Green), Interviewers (John Bown, Brian Jackson, David Strong), Paul Durnford (Michael Vivian), Group Captain Alwyn (Peter Fontaine), Etienne (Dan Gillan), Louise (Peta Bernard), Janet Stone (Sarah Twist), Floor Manager (Jeanna L'Esty).