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Episode 38: Sound of Thunder

Written by: Eric Paice
Directed by: Tristan De Vere Cole

First Broadcast: 17th November 1979
The Germans continue to plan their withdrawal from Brussels. Monique and Natalie
fear that once the Germans leave they may suffer at the hands of those locals who
believe them to be collaborators. Despite this, they reject Alain's offer of a place to hide.
While Albert continues to petition for his release and Bradley liases with a resistance
group, Kessler comes to Madeleine's aid. Reinhardt focuses his attention on the Candide
and prepares to strike...

Principal Guest Cast: Jean Lamotte (Davyd Harries), Jacques (Graham Weston), Marie
(Maureen Morris), Farrier (John White), Van Hoyt (Paul Seed).

 Angela Richards 
Above: Reinhardt (Terence Hardiman); Monique (Angela Richards) and Natalie (Juliet
Hammond-Hill); Madeleine (Hazel McBride) and Kessler (Clifford Rose).

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