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Episode 40: Days of Judgement

Written by: Eric Paice
Directed by: Viktors Ritelis

First Broadcast: 1st December 1979
Natalie and Major Turner hurry back to the Candide, but Vercors has already taken Albert
and Monique away. Vercors intends to hang Albert to avenge the death of Max and his
comrades. Meanwhile, Kessler and Madeleine are fleeing across the Belgian countryside
towards Germany. Fearing capture, Kessler decides to take on a new identity...

Principal Guest Cast: Hans van Broecken (Gunnar Moller), Spaatz (Roy Boyd),
Dunlop (James Smith).

  Angela Richards
Above: Madeleine (Hazel McBride); van Broecken; Kessler (Clifford Rose).

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