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Episode 17: The Hostage

Written by: N J Crisp
Directed by: Terence Dudley

First Broadcast: 27th September 1978
Thanks to an injection of British funds, Lifeline's operations have transferred to the
Restaurant Candide in Brussels' Grand Place. Expert forger Max Brocard joins Lifeline.
Albert is visited by an agent from London who instructs him to recover a Brigadier
General who has been shot down over enemy territory. Luckily, Natalie has already
made contact with the man and brings him back to Brussels. However, their timing is
poor. A German officer has been murdered and Kessler has ordered that twenty
hostages be taken off the streets of Brussels. The Brigadier General ends up as one of
the hostages...

Principal Guest Cast: Brigadier Markham (James Greene), Paymaster (Michael
Hawkins), Duvivier (Alex Davison), Inpsector Delon (John D. Collins), Hauptmann
Schmidt (Crawford Logan).  N.B. This episode sees the introduction of regular
character Max Brocard (Stephen Yardley).

Above: Lisa (Jan Francis); Max (Stephen Yardley); Monique (Angela Richards).

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