Character Review - Mina

Mina was an eccentric member of the community at Whitecross. She was an outsider in every sense and lived away from the main group of houses in a wooden cabin. She had a young child, of whose derivation we never learn more. It was her herb gathering, separation from others and perhaps her looks which all in some part led to the troubles she encountered in The Witch. Following her refusal of Hubert's advances, he proceeded to spread the lie that she was in fact a witch. A lie which it turned out was easy for several members of the community to believe. John and Lizzie became fearful of her after hearing Hubert's lies and witnessing her baking a clay 'Hubert', in fact a joke on her part. Whilst Pet and Peggy became so convinced of the idea that they went so far as to steal her baby away and defend themselves with a crucifix! It was left to level-headed Charles to calm everyone down and comfort the dreadfully mistreated Mina.

Mina's second appearance in
Parasites concerned her encounter with bargee John Millen. She struck up a friendship with him and arranged for him to trade some of his goods with Whitecross. However, when he failed to make the planned rendezvous and some men turned up at Whitecross with his barge, she suspected the worse. She later found his body and uncovered his murder by Kane and Grice. Mina was badly shaken by the incident and we learn in New Arrivals that she later succumbed to the illness which Ruth believed to be derived from depression. We can presume she did not die as this is not mentioned, but this is the last time we hear of Mina.

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