Great Malvern Train Station - Brimpsfield Train Station

Great Malvern train station was used for the Brimpsfield train station sequences in the first episode,
in which Abby drops off Mrs Transon, has a discussion with the stationmaster Mr Pollard and
subsequently falls asleep in her car whilst waiting for her husband to arrive. The final shots of the
station show the deserted platforms whilst an announcement is broadcast over the tannoy warning
of severe delays. The location was used again for the opening sequences of Gone to the Angels, in
which Abby, Jenny and Greg are seen inside one of the waiting rooms.

Below: Some pictures of Great Malvern station as it is today...

Great Malvern is south west of Worcester and North West of Ledbury. The Genesis/Spoil of
War quarry is about five miles due south of here and
Little Comberton and Elmley Castle, which both
doubled as Abby's village are over the M5 to the east.

Where to stay: Follow this link to find out about accomodation in Great Malvern.

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