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Roy Marsden

Roy Marsden is now best known for his regular portrayal of PD James' Commander Adam Dalgleish.

Above: Roy Marsden today and as Neil Burnside in The Sandbaggers.

His acting credits include:

As Adam Dalgeish:
A Certain Justice (1998), Original Sin (1996), A Mind to Murder (1995), Unnatural Causes (1993), Devices and Desires (1991), A Taste for Death (1989), The Black Tower (1985), Cover Her Face (1985), Shroud for a Nightingale (1984), Death of an Expert Witness (1983).

Other roles:
Dangerous Lady [Boyd Templeton] 1995 film
Frank Stubbs Promotes [Blick] 1994 tv (3 episodes)
The Last Vampyre [John St. Claire Stockton] 1992 tv
Yellowbacks [David Caesar] 1990 tv
Only Fools and Horses (ep: Little Problems) [Danny Driscoll] 1989 tv
Inside Story [John Bennet] 1988 tv
Goodbye Mr Chips [Mr Chips] 1984 tv
Airline [Jack Ruskin] 1982 tv
Tales of the Unexpected (ep: The Mugger) [Gerald Overton] 1979 tv
The Sandbaggers [Neil Burnside] 1978-80 tv (three series)
The Squeeze [Barry] 1977 film
Space 1999 (ep: The Rules of Luton) [Alien Invisible] 1976 tv
Space 1999 (ep: Devil's Planet) [Crael] 1976 tv
The Eagle Has Landed [Gestapo Officer] 1976
Vanity Fair [George Osbourne] 1967 tv
The Man in Room 17 (ep: The Standard) [Lieutenant Stanton] 1966 tv
Riviera Police (ep: Duet for Two Guns) [Jack] 1965 tv

John Comer

John started in showbusiness as a singer. His first acting part was in the film 'I'm Alright Jack' with Peter Sellers, with whom he struck up a long-standing friendship. John is best known for the role of Sid, the cafe owner, in the BBC TV comedy series Last of the Summer Wine. John died in 1984 just before his 60th birthday.

His co-star Peter Sallis has the following to say about John
"John Comer, I thought, delivered the lines better than anybody in the show has, before or since. Nobody has given the lines the same weight and with the same telling effect without doing anything, which was what John was brilliant at. I don't think he knew how good he was, quite honestly".

His many acting credits include:

Last of the Summer Wine [Sid] 1973-1983 tv
Nice Work [Mr. Blundell] 1980 tv
All Creatures Great and Small (ep: Name of the Game) [Dimmock] 1978 tv
The Life of Riley [George Pollitt] 1976 tv
I Didn't Know You Cared [Mr Brandon] 1975 tv
The Fishing Party [Teaman] 1975 tv
All Our Saturdays [Wilf] 1973 tv
Play for Today: Kisses at Fifty [George] 1972 tv
Bless This House [Landlord] 1972 tv (2 episodes)
Mr Forbush and the Penguins [Police Sergeant] 1971 film
There's a Girl in My Soup [John] 1970 film
Doomwatch (ep: Devil's Sweets) [Jack] 1970 tv
The Avengers (ep: Take-Over) [Groom] 1969 tv
Happy Deathday [Briggs] 1968 film
The Family Way [Leslie Piper] 1966 film
Heavens Above [Butcher] 1963 film

Ray Mort

Ray although not known for one specific role has taken many parts in television over the years.

His many TV roles include:

All Creatures Great and Small (ep: The Playing Field) [Mr Wiggin] 1988 tv
Vanity Fair [Raggles] 1987 tv
Casualty (ep: Hooked) [Albert Morling] 1987 tv
We'll Think of Something [Norman] 1986 tv
Lovejoy (eps: Death and Venice Pt 1 and 2) [Campie] 1986 tv
Duty Free [George] 1984 tv (2 episodes)
Cymbeline [Gaoler] 1983 tv
Only Fools and Horses (Ep: Friday the 14th) [Policeman] 1983 tv
Pink Floyd - The Wall [Playground Father] 1982
Bergerac (Ep: See You in Moscow) [Kranski] 1981 tv
Juliet Bravo (Ep: Party Fun) [Jack Willis] 1981 tv
Juliet Bravo (Ep: Oscar) [Walter Pengelly] 1980 tv
A Midsummer Night's Dream [Snug] 1981 tv
Sounding Brass [Gerry Thompson] 1980 tv
Dick Turpin (Ep: The Judge) [John Rodstock] 1980 tv
All Creatures Great and Small (ep: Puupy Love) [Mr Wiggin] 1978 tv
The XYY Man (Ep: The Detrimental Robot) [DS King] 1977 tv
Rogue Male [Gerald] 1976 tv
It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow 1975 tv
The Evacuees 1975 tv
The Good Life (ep: The Thing in the Cellar] 1975 tv
The Sweeney (ep: the Ringer) [Bernard Driscoll] 1975 tv
The Fishing Party [Ern] 1974 tv
Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt [Ray] 1974
Doomwatch (Ep: The Battery People) [Jones] 1970 tv

Barry Stokes

Barry Stokes has had a varied acting career ranging from the sex flick 'Confessions of a Handyman' to appearances in cult telefantasy.

Above: Barry Stokes in the Space 1999 episode 'Voyager's Return'

His acting credits include:

Enemy Mine [Huck] 1985 film
Romance on the Orient Express [Flavio] 1985 tv
The Last Days of Pompeii [Gar] 1984 tv
Reilly: Ace of Spies [Cromie] 1983 tv
Rendezvous in Paris [Frank Davis] 1982 film
Hawk the Slayer [Axe Man 2] 1980 film
Spaced Out [Oliver] 1979 film
Alien Prey [Anders] 1978 film
The Professionals (ep: Stake Out) [Major] 1978 tv
Lady Oscar [Andre Grandier] 1978 film
The Liver Birds (ep: Dinner for Three) [Bill] 1975 tv
Space 1999 (ep: Voyager's Return) [Jim Haines] 1975 tv
Confessions of a Handyman [Bob] 1975 film (Barry also sang the theme!)
The Corruption of Chris Miller [Barney Webster] 1973 film
Doomwatch (ep: By the Pricking of my Thumbs) [Stephen Franklin] 1971 tv
UFO (ep: Reflections in the Water) [Skydiver Engineer] 1971 tv
UFO (ep: Destruction) [Skydiver Engineer] 1970 tv

Gabrielle Daye

At the time of broadcast Gabrielle was well known as a semi-regular in Coronation Street. Between 1975 and 1983 she played Albert Tatlock's daughter, Beattie Pearson, which is perhaps why she was disguised here with thick glasses and ends up reminding us strongly of Tubbs from The League of Gentleman. A year after her Survivors appearance Gabrielle took on the role of sharp-tongued Mrs Pring in the ITV sitcom Bless Me Father which starred Arthur Lowe and Daniel Abineri (son of John). She remained with the show for its three year run.

Above: Gabrielle with Arthur Lowe and Daniel Abineri in Bless Me Father

Her other TV and film roles include:

A Very British Coup 1988 tv
Ever Decreasing Circles (ep: The New Neighbour) [Mrs Beardsmore] 1984 tv
Juliet Bravo (ep: John the Lad) [Mrs Burkenshaw] 1983 tv
The Patricia Neal Story [Mrs Ingrams] 1981 tv
Cry Wolf! 1980 film
Bless Me Father (3 series) [Mrs Pring] 1978-81 tv
All Creatures Great and Small (ep: Out of Practice) [Mrs Plenderleith] 1978 tv
Coronation Street [Beattie Pearson] 1975-83 tv
I Didn't Know You Cared (2 episodes) [Great Aunt Mona] 1975 tv
Play for Today: Sunset Across the Bay 1975 tv
In Celebration [Mrs Burnett] 1975 film
Persuasion [Mrs Rooke] 1971 tv
10 Rillington Place [Mrs Lynch] 1971 film
Sunday Bloody Sunday 1971 film
Little Big Shot 1952 film
Saints and Sinners [Maeve's mother] 1949 film
Twilight Hour 1944 film

Sean Mathias

Sean Mathias is now an accomplished film and theatre director. He directed and produced the film 'Bent' in 1997 and adapted the book 'The Lost Language of Cranes' for television in 1991. He is currently directing 'The Elephant Man' on Broadway.

Above: Sean Mathias today.

His acting credits include:

White Mischief [Gerald Portman] 1987 film

The Scarlet Pimpernel [Dispatcher] 1982 film
Minder (ep: Broken Arrow) [Daffyd] 1982 tv
Priest of Love 1981 film
A Bridge Too Far [Irish Guards Lieutenant] 1977 film

Denis Holmes

Denis Holmes is still acting today. His acting credits are as follows:

Speed for Thespians[Luka] 2000 film
Sabrina [Butler] 1995 film
Bergerac (ep: Roots of Evil) [Colonel Foster-Briggs] 1990 tv
Dirty Dozen: the Next Mission [General Pierre Fontaine] 1985 tv
Reilly: Ace of Spies [Fisher] 1983 tv
Moonlighting [Neighbour] 1982 film
Partners in Crime (ep: The Sunningdale Mystery) [Mr Lecky] tv
Poldark [Captain Bray] 1975 tv
The Brides of Fu Manchu [Constable] 1966 film
Licensed to Kill [Maltby] 1965 film
The Return of Mr Moto [Chapel] 1965 film
The Echo of Diana 1963 film
Edgar Wallace Mysteries (ep: The Partner) [Sergeant Rigby] 1963 tv
The Scarlet Blade [Chaplain] 1963 film
Flight from Singapore [Smithy] 1962 film
Edgar Wallace Mysteries (ep: Attempt to Kill) [Fraser] 1961 tv
Cover Girl Killer [Actor] 1959 film
The Government Inspector [Second Merchant] 1958 tv

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