Llanarth Court - Peter's School

Llanarth Court, near Raglan, in Gwent was the location filmed as Peter's school. We first see the
location in The Fourth Horseman when Abby goes there to find Peter and locates Dr. Bronson

Above: Llanarth Court today. [Thanks to Chris Barker for the above photo]

Below: Abby arrives, sounds her horn, then enters the deserted school and finds Peter's dormitory
and thankfully his bed, empty.

Below: Abby is about to leave when she notices a light coming from one of the outhouses. She goes
to investigate and meets Bronson (Peter Copley).

Two other scenes filmed at Llanarth Court, also from The Fourth Horseman, were the sequences
in which Jenny comes across a man by a fire clutching belongings, which she later discovers to be
bags full of five pound notes. The location can be found near a stone bridge, which we see Jenny
walk from, in a small wooded area part way between the ‘school’ and the entrance archway.

Below: Survivors fans at the stone bridge within the grounds of Llanarth Court in 2001 during the day
and Jenny with the looter at night and in the morning. The bridge is clearly visible behind Jenny in
the penultimate screen capture. [Thanks to Chris Barker for the 2001 photo]

Later in the series, in Gone to the Angels,  Abby returns the school and is later joined by Greg,
Jenny, John and Lizzie. The chapel at Llanarth Court is used extensively in these sequences.

Access: Llanarth Court is now an independent psychiatric hospital owned and managed by
Partnerships in Care Limited. Visits must therefore be cleared in advance with hospital
management. Follow
this link to the Llanarth Court website.

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