"There's a lot dear Emmanuel hides from people" - Nessie

Greg and Charles are rescued from the rats by Wally, an exile from the London settlement
who spoke out against Manny's unilateral regime.

At the Oval they meet Manny and demand to see Ruth. Their wish is granted but Ruth informs
them that she cannot return with them, having no choice but to help the Londoners with their
move to the Isle of Wight.

Manny gives Wally the task of returning to Whitecross to let them know of Greg and Charles
safe arrival, promising he will lift his exile from the settlement on his return.

Greg and Charles begin to help out with the planning of the move by checking that the routes
by road and rail are clear out of London and to the south. They realise that Manny is stalling

This situation is confirmed when the old doctor dies leaving Ruth to cope alone, prompting
Manny to put back the move plans by a couple of years!

Ruth now questions her position. Manny is unhappy when Wally returns alive and well.

Manny callously disposes of Wally on some waste ground near the settlement.

Charles overhears Manny tell Nessie that he never intends to leave London. Charles decides it
is definitely time to leave and tries to persuade Ruth.

It is Nessie who finally changes her mind, insisting that she can take charge of the patients

Nessie gives Ruth some drugs to help keep the London sickness at bay and urges her to leave

Penny receives instructions from Manny that Greg and Charles should be allowed to leave but
not Ruth.

They leave but the fact that they pick up Ruth en route is missed. On discovering this news an
enraged Manny goes after them in the Underground tunnels. Amul is now helping the trio to

Manny discovers his betrayal and kills him. Greg, Charles and Ruth hurry along the railway
track as Manny see them and starts shooting.

Charles fires back. Using a cart as cover they make their escape. Thinking they are safe, they
are suddenly confronted by an enraged Manny.

Wally saves the day by shooting Manny. He reveals that Manny had not checked his body on
the waste ground and that he had returned to take his revenge.

Wally elects to return to the settlement once he has helped them out of the tunnels. The
foursome soon find their way back into the daylight.


Episode Review

The second episode of this story delivers a satisfying if inevitable set of events. We knew Charles and Greg would ultimately escape with Ruth and that Manny would eventually be exposed to be the cunning fascist we thought him to be. But this doesn't mean that the telling of these events is any the less interesting. The only real surprise is the pleasing resurrection of Wally to save the day, played in a nicely understated manner by a young Roger Lloyd Pack.

Sydney Tafler's Manny is truly dislikeable. Indeed, it soon becomes difficult to feel any sympathy for the members of the London setup with the exception of the indomitable Nessie, who we eventually warm to when she sends Ruth packing.

It is something of a relief that we don't lose one of our heroes as events reach their climax. The deaths that have littered the start of this series make our trio seem extremely vulnerable as they attempt to escape London, and here we finally have some nail biting action. Survivors is not about shoot-outs, but when they occur they are nevertheless welcome. For once in the series good wins out and our heroes literally see the light at the end of tunnel as they head off home.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 17: Lights of London Part 2

writer: Jack Ronder
first broadcast:
21st April 1976

Regular Cast:

Ruth Anderson: Celia Gregory
Greg Preston: Ian McCulloch
Charles Vaughan: Denis Lill

Guest Cast:

Manny: Sydney Tafler
Nessie: Lennox Milne
Wally: Roger Lloyd-Pack
Amul: Nadim Sawalha
Coral Atkins
Barbara: Wendy Williams
Patrick Holt
Lloyd Maguire

designer:  Ian Watson and Paul Allen
Pennant Roberts
Terence Dudley
episode recorded:
5th - 6th March 1976



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