Career History - Heather Wright


Heather Wright today.
Photo Charlie Walker

Heather Wright can currently be seen in the children's TV drama Weirdsister College, the sequel to The Worst Witch.

Her TV and film credits include:

Weirdsister College
Money For Nothing
[Angela] 1993
You, Me and It
[Chanel] 1993
Watt On Earth
[Val Ruddock] 1991
Horror Planet [Sharon] 1981
Gauguin the Savage [Sister Catherine] 1980
Me You and Him [Kate] 1979
Blake's 7 - Terminal [Reeval] 1978
The Return of the Saint - Signal Stop [Sally] 1978
Mary Shout at the Devil [Cynthia Smythe] 1976
The Belstone Fox [Jenny Smith] 1973
Jason King - That Isn't Me, It's Somebody Else
[Third Fan] 1972
Arthur of the Britons - Gift of Life [Hildred] 1972

Heather has also taken many roles on stage. Highlights include:

Outside Edge [Ginny] 1995
The Maintenance Man [Diana] 1995
Tons of Money [Jean] 1994
Up 'N' Under [Hazel] 1989
Passion Play [Kate] 1984

Below: Heather as Reeval in the classic Blake's 7 episode 'Terminal'. This was the third season finale. Heather played one of Servalan's minions who were tracking the progress of Avon as he fell into a brain- washing trap which ultimately resulted in the destruction of the Liberator...

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