Gone to the Angels - Guest Cast

Nickolas Grace

Nickolas Grace is Tanya Ronder's godfather. The part of Matthew was especially written for him by
her father. Nickolas has taken many TV roles over the years. He is pictured below as Geoffrey
Booza-Pitt, with Isla Blair in the final part of the BBC's Francis Urquhart trilogy:
The Final Cut [1995].

Geoffrey Booza-Pitt

Peter Miles

Peter Miles most famously played Nyder, the Nazi-like henchmen to Davros in the classic
Who - Genesis of the Daleks
[1975], pictured below. He also took two other Who roles, as
Professor Whitaker in
Invasion of the Dinosaurs [1974] and plague victim Dr Lawrence in Doctor
Who and the Silurians

Nyder and Davros

Frederick Hall

Frederick Hall played Tegan's grandather Andrew Verney in
Doctor Who - The Awakening [1984].
Pictured below with Janet Fielding as Tegan at the episode's close.

Andrew Verney and Tegan

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