Elmley Castle - Abby's Village

   The village of Elmley Castle was used as Abby's village for several scenes in the opening episode.
   After Abby recovers she is seen leaving her home, walking around the deserted village and
   calling on Dr. Gordon.

           Above and Left: Elmley Castle as it
           appeared in the episode.

           Below: Abby at Dr. Gordon's House
           and Dr. Gordon's house as it is today.

           (thanks to Rich Cross for the photo)

  Abby then visits the church. The church is St. Mary the Virgin. It is here that Abby found the pews
  full of the dead and at the entrance that she looked up to the heavens and uttered the immortal
  line: "Please God, don't let me be the only one!"

           Above and Below: Elmley Castle's
           St. Mary the Virgin church as it
           appeared in the episode and as it
           is today.

           (thanks to Rich Cross for the photos)

Elmley Castle         
  is best reached from the
  A44 between Pershore
  and Evesham or from
  the A46 between
  Tewkesbury and
  Evesham. The village
Little Comberton
  which also doubled as
  Abby's village is a few
  miles north.

  Where to stay: The
  Old Mill Inn




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