Career History - Christopher Tranchell

Christopher Tranchell today.
Photo Charlie Waite

Christopher Tranchell has taken several TV and film roles down the years. Perhaps most notably as Andred in the 1978 Doctor Who story The Invasion Of Time, in which his character gets together with departing companion Leela, played by Louise Jameson.

His TV and film roles have included:

Casualty [1992]
Play School
[Presenter] Nine Years 1970s - 1980s
Doctor Who - The Invasion of Time
[Andred] 1978
Doctor Who - The Faceless Ones [Jenkins] 1967
Doctor Who - The Massacre [Roger] 1966
Legend of Death [Daniel Spencer] 1965
The Battle of Britain [Pilot] 19??
The Hiding Place [Josh] 19??

His stage roles have included:

The Murder of Edgar Allan Poe [James Gordon Bennett] 1997
In Lambeth [Tom Paine] 1996
School For Wives [Chrysalde] 1995
Sir Martin Mar-all [Lord Dartmouth] 1994
Morte D'Arthur [Merlin] 19??

Below: Tranchell as Andred with Leela and K9 in the Panopticon on Gallifrey, immediately after the Doctor's departure.

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