Interview with Angie Stevens (Lizzie Willoughby)

Angie Stevens contacted me earlier in the year and graciously provided the following memories of her time on the show...

Starting Out

"I did a BBC film called 'Cicero, The Queen's Drum Horse'. It was shown during the Queens Jubilee Year. My younger brother was played by Todd Carty (Mark Fowler in Eastenders/Tucker Jenkins in Grange Hill). A short while after, the BBC offered me the part of Lizzie in Survivors. I didnít audition because they had seen me in Cicero; I think it was the same director or maybe producer."

Tanya Ronder

I was only thirteen years old and had just left Barbara Speakes Stage School to start at Drayton Manor High School in West London. It was such a coincidence as I heard that Tanya Ronder who played Lizzie in the first two series was also at the school. She was in the year below me. I did feel worried that people might compare me to her and I was also worried that Tanya wouldnít like me as I was taking over her part. I didnít get to talk to Tanya much at school, I think there may have been a bit of rivalry, but we were both always in the school plays."

Excitement and Glamour!

"I remember being excited when I received the scripts through the post. I would read through them underlining my scenes and lines in red marker pen. I loved the filming; I used to have a nice lady chaperone that looked after me. I enjoyed the attention I got from being a child actor. I remember going to Ipswich to film one episode. We stayed in a lovely hotel for a couple of nights. We filmed another episode in Cardiff. We were always filming in farm houses or barns, not very glamorous!"

Atmosphere on Set

I can actually remember filming the scene from where your website picture of me comes from (see the first picture at the top of this page). I was sitting at the kitchen table with John and the dialogue was quite heavy. I remember another scene in a horse and cart going up a lane. It was always a nice atmosphere on the set, everyone was nice and friendly."


I remember John being a quite well spoken boy; I think his dad was a director or producer (Terence Dudley - both director and producer on Angie's first episode and producer on the rest). My wardrobe was very drab; wellies, trousers, jumper and anorak."

Last Role

I was always excited at seeing my name in the Radio Times and watching the programme go out on a Wednesday night. Survivors was my last job as a child actor. I worked hard at school and at my dancing classes after school and at weekends.  I loved acting and had hoped to continue with it."

Equity Card and beyond

"When I left school at 17 I worked as a professional dancer at home and abroad. I even did a stint as an illusionistís assistant to get my equity card. When I met my husband in 1988 I gave up performing and opened my own dancing school. I have two daughters aged six and twelve who both dance and I work as a Learning Support Assistant in my younger daughterís primary school."

Fond Memories

"I look back at my time as a child actor with fond memories and I would love to see Survivors again just to show my daughters what their mum once did."


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