A Beginning - Guest Cast

 Harry Markham

Harry Markham played the regular character Handel Gartside in Coronation Street and appeared to corner the market in 'Old Man' roles in the late 70's and early 80s.

Burton with the ill Ruth (Annie Irving).

Harry's acting credits include:

"Hi-de-hi!" (ep: Charity Begins at Home) [Old Man] 1981 tv

Juliet Bravo (ep: Aunt Sally) [Mr Gilbert] 1981 tv
Juliet Bravo (ep: The One Who Got Away) [Garage Attendant] 1980 tv
Julet Bravo (ep: Cages) [Old Man] 1980 tv
All Creatures Great and Small (2 episodes) [Mr Adamson] 1978, 1980 tv
"Hi-de-hi!" (ep: Pliot) [Old Man] 1980 tv
Rumpole of the Bailey (ep: Rumpole and the Show Folk) [Mr Croft] 1979 tv

Yanks Go Home
[Bert Pickup] 1976 tv
The Old Curiosity Shop [Sexton] 1975 tv
Three Men in a Boat [2nd Lock-keeper] 1975 tv
Sunset Across the Bay 1975 tv
Coronation Street [Handel Gartside] 1970, 1976 tv
Kes [Newsagent] 1969 film
This Sporting Life [Wade] 1963 film
A Kind of Loving [Railwayman] 1962 film

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