28th May - 3rd June 1977

This week's Radio Times cover was
adorned with the artistic efforts of 5 year
old Nicola Griffin. Her picture of a
guardsman won the Blue Peter/Radio
Times Silver Jubilee cover competition.
Other competition entries were
reproduced inside. By now the nation was
gearing up to the Jubilee in a big way
which was to take place the following
week, the same week that the final
episode of Survivors would be broadcast.

7 days in TV

Saturday 28th May: The final part in a repeat run of the children's film series Robinson Crusoe was aired today at 9.35am. Later at 5.45pm Rolf on Saturday - OK? saw Rolf Harris singing, painting and acting with the children of Moorland Junior and Willows High School, Cardiff. Whilst at 6.20pm there was the first showing on British television of the Elvis film The Trouble with Girls.

Sunday 29th: Sunday's undoubted highlight was the Royal Windsor Big Top Show which celebrated the Queen's Silver Jubilee. Top of the bill were Bruce Forsyth, Mike Yarwood, Ronnie Corbett, Les Dawson, Barry Humphries, Elton John, Olivia Newton-John and Leo Sayer. Less famous acts included Swedish comedy acrobats 'The Veterans' and escapologist Alan Alan! For those who tired of the show after the first two hours there was respite on BBC2 in the form of the fourth of seven parts of The Flaxborough Chronicles which starred Anton Rodgers, Brenda Bruce, Christopher Timothy and John Comer (Les Norton - Long Live the King) who was making his first of two appearances on TV this week.

Monday 30th: At 10 in the morning former Doctor Who companion Elisabeth Sladen presented a programme for Schools on the Jubilee. In the evening the Scottish drama The Mackinnons which starred Hazel McBride (Alice - Bridgehead) reached its fifth episode 'Working Weekend' This weeks episode was directed by Survivors own Pennant Roberts.

Tuesday 31st: Pip and Jane Baker wrote Tuesday's night's episode of Z Cars 'Quarry' which saw Brian Grellis (Grice - Parasites) - in another explosive situation. The episode was directed by another Survivors veteran, Gerald Blake.

Wednesday 1st June: Survivors penulitmate episode, Long Live the King, was promoted by a column width out-of-character publicity photo of Anna Pitt (above). Its BBC2 competition was a Jubilee themed programme about fireworks called In the Making and Family Portrait, a programme about a brick making family from Port Talbot. Survivors followed the escapist adventure film Battle Beneath the Earth and was itself followed by Sportsnight which covered the 1977 Derby and the Middleweight Championship of Great Britain (Kevin Finnegan vs Frankie Lucas). Later that evening Paul Darrow (Blake's 7) and Maureen O' Brien (Vicki - Dr Who) starred opposite each other in the final part of the critically acclaimed Poisoning of Charles Bravo on BBC2.

Thursday 2nd: 5.55pm saw the thrilling climax (!) of the Nationwide 'Cook of the Realm competition'. Felicity Kendal and Robert Morley judged the event.

Friday 3rd: It's A Knockout saw Crawley compete with Dartford and Maidstone at 8pm. Over on BBC2 an hour later, Tom Baker, Gabrielle Drake and Miriam Stoppard took part in Call My Bluff.

[Below left: Cartoon promoting the Windsor Big Top Show. Below right: the 2nd placed cover in the Radio Times Jubilee cover competition by Claire Douglass. ]

Commercial Breaks

Kodak Instant cameras, the Chevette saloon and 'folkweave' sundresses all fought for advertising space in this week's pages.

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