12th - 18th April 1975

The first episode of Survivors was transmitted on Wednesday 16th April 1975 at 8.10pm on BBC1. The new series
was promoted by a preview feature on page 3, a photo on the listings pages and a two page colour feature on
page 6. Unfortunately the front cover went to Mike Yarwood (above) who began a new series on Saturday.

- Preview feature from page 3 -

- Listings photo from page 45 -

Could you survive the end of the world?

The feature on page 6 was entitled 'Could you survive the end of the world?' and was a transcript of an interview
between Chris Dunkley and Terry Nation. The text was accompanied by a picture of Terry Nation in the grounds
of his country home and the covers of several books on self-sufficiency and farming.

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7 days in TV

Saturday 12th April 1975:
The Doctor, Sarah-Jane and Harry escaped the bunker in the final episode of Terry
Nation's Doctor Who epic - Genesis of the Daleks at 5.30pm. Later at 8.30pm Mike Yarwood began a new
series of his comedy show 'Look - Mike Yarwood.

Sunday 13th: The Master of Ballantrae, a children's classic serial which went out 5.35 featured Barbara
Lott (Edith Walter in
Law of the Jungle and Bridgehead) as Lady Clinton. Fulton Mackay, Julian Glover and
Brigit Forsyth also starred.

Monday 14th: Children's TV today included The Clangers encountering The Noise Machine, Judi Dench reading
Come Down the Mountain on Jackanory, Lesley Judd, John Noakes and Peter Purves presenting Blue Peter and a
new series of Hong Kong Phooey. Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? later that evening saw Robert Gillespie
(Milner in
Gone Away and Sam Mead in series three) as a police sergeant in the episode One for the Road.

Tuesday 15th: Budget 1975 took over today's viewing as Denis Healey as Chancellor of the Exchequer presented
the battered case in Downing Street amidst rising inflation and unemployment figures.

Wednesday 16th: BBC2 competition for Survivors was a Magnus Magnusson fronted documentary on a Venetian
merchant ship. Preceding Survivors on BBC1 was the family film The Lion and the Horse. Survivors was followed
by the Nine O'Clock News with Richard Baker.

Thursday 17th:
The Liver Birds and Are You Being Served? took the prime time slots this evening. They were
followed by a Play for Today which featured James Cosmo (
The Chosen).

Friday 18th:
Barbara Good was becoming bored of The Good Life at 8.30pm, whilst over on BBC2, Delia Smith
got excited about pates and terrines - bless her!

Abby Grant shared the spotlight with many other classic television characters this week: Abby (Carolyn
Tiny Clanger, Barbara Good (Felicity Kendal), Davros (Michael Wisher), Beryl and Sandra - The Liver
Birds (Polly James and Nerys Hughes),
Hong Kong Phooey and Miss Brahms and Mrs Slocombe - Are You Being
Served (Wendy Richard and Mollie Sugden).

Commerical Breaks

The truly hideous Marley Cushioned Vinyl and the New Ford Escort attempted to grab Radio Times reader's
attention in this week's colour pages...

The Fourth Horseman | Full Radio Times Listing

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