10th - 16th May 1975

Cover - Eric Idle in Rutland Weekend Television Survivors Episode Listing

7 days in TV

Saturday 10th:
From 5.30pm, the Doctor and Sarah Jane battled the Cybermen on Nerva Beacon in the final episode of Tom Baker's first season as Dr Who. Brian Grellis (Grice in Parasites) appeared as the Vogan - Sheprah.

Sunday 11th: Colin Baker and Kate O'Mara crossed swords for the first time as Paul Merroney and Jane Maxwell in The Brothers at 7.25pm.

Monday 12th: The new BBC2 comedy programme for Mondays was Rutland Weekend Television, which was fronted by Eric Idle and featured on the front cover (see above). Bill Tidy's cartoons promoted the new series in the pages of Radio Times.

Tuesday 13th: Jan Francis was this week's storyteller in Jackanory. Today at 4.35pm she continued to read The Bronze Trumpeter by Jenny Nimmo.

Wednesday 14th: Survivors went out at 8.10pm as usual and was preceded by The Wednesday Film: Some Will, Some Won't which starred Thora Hird and Ronnie Corbett. It was followed by the News presented by Kenneth Kendall and a Wodehouse Playhouse starring John Alderton and Pauline Collins called Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court. BBC2 competition came in the form of a documentary on the changing face of French TV, with a feature on Brigitte Bardot.

Thursday 15th: June Page (Sally) appeared in the children's series, Sam and the River, today. The co-creator of the Cybermen, Kit Pedler, took part in Man Alive, a documentary on nuclear waste. In her preview column, Joan Bakewell described him as 'one of my favourite scientists'. Earlier that day the real James Herriot was interviewed on Pebble Mill following the completion of the first All Creatures Great and Small film. Sue Barker, Britain's 2nd ranked tennis player of the time, competed in the Coca-Cola championships that afternoon and was interviewed about her ambitions in the opening pages of the Radio Times. Nula Conwell and Linda Robson (Over the Hills) also appeared together in the Play for Today: the Dandelion Clock at 9.25pm, a good year before they were to work together once more in the second series of Survivors.

Friday 16th: On Friday, Terry Nation discussed Daleks, Doctor Who and Survivors when he was the special guest on Woman's Hour on Radio 4 at 1.45pm (see below).

[Clockwise: The Brothers, Kit Pedler, Dr Who, Sue Barker, Rutland Weekend Television, James Herriot]

TV Week in Pictures

Terry with Daleks

Commerical Breaks

Week End, the 1970's favourite box of chocolates and candies, appeared on the back cover of Radio Times this week in its 'colourful new box containing 48 sweets', which were all pretty nasty as I remember. Whilst Homeline Continental Quilts shouted for attention with their incredibly garish colours...

Week End Homeline Quilt

Gone to the Angels | Full Radio Times Listing

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